15 - Year old - Hitting

Sorry for posting a hitting video, but you guys seem to be very knowledgeable so I figured id give it a shot.

This kid is 15, has a nice swing in my opinion, but spins off a lot of balls. anyone have any tips?

Jaret - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrmu0c0qO4M

Really hard to tell from iphone video as his full body is only in the frame for portions of each of his swings, but from what I can tell it appears his front arm is extending early, most likely from his front shoulder pulling out too early. This is also evident from his “falling backward” finish and the fact that at least a couple of those balls wound up off the end of his bat instead of the sweet spot.

You can fix that just by allowing the hands and shoulders to work together instead of the hands trailing. A good drill is to try to throw his bat down the middle of the cage during his swing. Impossible to do if you are pulling off. It will go into the net about four or five feet away.

It also appears that he’s doing a big, round swing instead of keeping the head of the bat back and swinging straight through the ball with high speed. Google “rotational hitting vs. linear hitting” to see videos showing the difference. This batter is really doing an exaggerated rotational hitting and this means that there is exactly one spot where the bat is in the perfect position to hit the ball. With a more linear swing (with bat lag), there are multiple opportunities for the bat and ball to make good contact. If you pause the video multiple times, you’ll see that there is no “Power V” in the swing anywhere, the bat just does a big circle.