15 year old high school pitcher mechanics

Looking for critique of pitching mechanics for 15-year old high school pitcher. Stands 6’3" tall and weighs 165 lbs…doc says he’s got another 2" or so to go. Hasn’t been put on a radar gun but coach estimates topping out in mid 80s. When he misses it is usually high. Fastball tails into righties sometimes. Comments appreciated!


Don’t take this wrong but this kid isn’t throwing mid-80’s in these vids.
He’s all arm, very little bottom half involvement. I’d recommend he get some lessons. I think he needs some real fundamentals work. I’d definately get him to a couple of clinics and try to find a good, reputable personal coach. Then I’d see what happens. My guess is he will get to those mid-80s soon after he gets a more fundemental delivery and a bit of conditioning.

Appreciate the input. He has seen private pitching coaches. Most have said that he has a very effortless, smooth, and mechanically sound delivery. This is not to say that he doesn’t have mechanical faults. The quite lower body action has been a common theme and definitely agree with the conditioning comment. I wonder since he’s a big (tall) kid if he’s more of a fall downhill thrower rather than a drop and drive thrower.

I agree with JD’s analysis re: lower half being inactive. He’s not loading up, transferring his weight particularly well. He’s also not throwing with much intent; kind of looks like he’s just going the the motions.

I’d like to see him load up more with his lower half, and then really stride out farther.

I’d also like to see him step a little more 45-degree from that initial stance. He steps way off to the 1st base dugout and it doesn’t look like he ever gets his body back properly aligned again.