15 year old freshmen


Hello, I need my mechanics examined because I believe my poor mechanics are what lead to my injury 2 seasons ago. The video is not the greatest, but hopefully it helps out somewhere. On the front view I couldn’t exactly go 100% because I was afraid I’d hit the camera :/. The side view should be legit though. anyway, I’m 15, about 5’7", and 130-140 lbs. Criticize away.

I should also say that I hurt my rotator cuff area


Just looking real quick at your clip, it appears the you really “push” the ball when you throw. Your arm action needs a lot of work, and the way you “move out” it appears as if you use your torso to throw (push) the ball.

I would suggest you do lot’s of band work (throwers 10 etc.) to make sure your rotator cuff is strong and suggest some “no stride” throwing work where you can just isolate your arm action and try to improve it.


thanks for the reply. I’m confused on what you mean about pushing with my arm? thanks in advance.

Oh, if youare talking about my front view I think I see what you mean. I’m also starting to think my front view is just really bad. I should really get a new one up because my stride looks to be about 2 inches in that


[quote=“Kamaraz”]thanks for the reply. I’m confused on what you mean about pushing with my arm? thanks in advance.

Almost like you’re shot putting. I use the term “pie thrower” also when someone throws in this manner.


stride looks short. i would work on getting more out of your lower body. get your feet apart and throw the ball way out in front of your head. start with that and put up another post in a week or so.


thanks for the input dusty. how much farther you think my stride should be? another 6-12 inches? Also, do you mean I need to rotate my hips more? thanks.



It looks to me like your stride foot opens up too early. Also, it looks like you could do a better job of stabilizing the glove in front of you.

I agree with the stride length comments. A good goal is for a stride length of 6 of your shoe lengths. That will require you to get your hips moving forward earlier and faster. Just don’t try to lengthen the stride by reaching with your front foot. Instead, get the hips going to generate more momentum and lead with the front hip further into your stride, manage the glove side to help you stay closed longer, and maintain good posture through your delivery. The combination of these things will result in a longer stride.


Yeah… I see it now. I really need to extend my stride. I should be wanting to use my lower body because that’s what my family actually has… I can only bench 135 lbs but I squatted at football combine 215 12 times. I might of been able to do more but was first time and 12 was max then we had to move on. My bro which does nothing but sit on computer all day can do 525 x 3. all in all im thinkign why I dont use my lower body is all.

Could not using my lower body while pitching possibly be why I hurt myself? although it was a weird pitch and i slipped, i think it stopped my body or something but my arm kept going. thanks in advance and thanks for all the input so far. will definitely work on it after tryouts.


You didn’t say waht your exact injury was. Rotator cuff tendonitis is caused by overdoing it and/or not warming up properly. I don’t dispute the mechanical argument either but young players usually aren’t taught how to warm up and almost never taught how to strengthen their rotator cuff.

Now, onto the topic of weights and pitchers…

I see nothing wrong with some weightlifting. However, bench pressing and any kind of pressing movements where you raise your arms over your head are not recommended for pitchers.

This is where my knowledge ends, I can’t give you the ideal weight lifting program for pitchers. I can tell you that I got fairly strong in the squat (405 lbs for reps) and also in the bench press (300 lbs). The hardest I ever threw was 82. I was 5’11" and 198 lbs at the time.

I would advise you begin a program to get and keep your cuff strong as well as a program which develops the strength you need to improve as a pitcher. Begin each throwing session by warming up properly which should include rotator cuff exercises.




you can be very strong in the squat but it wont carry over as well as some explosive type movements.

some people say do back exercises to equal your workouts out. it should be the other way. do alittle bit of press exercises to equal out all the back exercises you are doing. work that upper back and decelerator muscles. rotator cuff exercises are important but are useless with a weak or unstable scapula. do some scapula strengthening and mobility exercises


It looks like you’re stiff arming it. Work on what my coach calls hitting the "L"s. If you have to do some work by going through your delivery with your back arm set up in an “L” shape and your front arm horizontally in an “L” shape. Then follow through normally, this really helped my arm action, I used to have similar problems with stiff arming, Just work on it man.