15 y/o Pitching Mechanics

Here are my mechanics.

Any criticism would be helpful.

Your glove side is pretty wild there homey…try not to sling that glove. Do you have accuracy issues? It I believe, is effecting your posture in a negative way. Now this isn’t on a mound or wearing cleats but notice your landing foot, it ends up way open when it should be more like /, it ends up like . This loses you energy by opening up way too much and I would suspect also leads to accuracy issues. Do some basic mound form drill work when preparing for a pen, toe taps and step-behinds really do help get to a smoother and more posture complete delivery (Meaning your body is properly oriented toward the target and you are as efficient as can be). Instead of using your glove to generate momentum use the lower half, build power from the ground up, work for the equal and opposite delivery which you hear people that are trained by Tom House talk about. It will correct imo much in your delivery.
You look like you’ve got decent size and athleticism, potentially you can bring it. Have you considered going to a pitching coach for a few lessons? If not you may want to give it a thought.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll starting working on that right away.
I think I’ll look for a pitching coach now.