15 Y/O 2020 RHP - Pitching Analysis ( Click Link )


If you click the link below it will take you to a recent video analysis of my mechanics from John LaCorte, the pitching coach at Otterbein University (via a camp). I’m currently 15 years old and I cruise about 80-81, topping out at 84. If you guys see anything you could add on to that could help me in any way, whether that be injury prevention or velocity, please feel free to comment. All suggestions and comments are appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-B9spg9_xX8cVdEa2QxRzkyWG8/view


He does a great job breaking your delivery down. I also noticed the grip on the baseball. Too me way to far back into the palm. Does not let the fingers “work” and put more spin on the ball.

Look at Pedros grip. See pretty good space in the “C” between his fingers and thumb

The only point I would make is your front side. Your front elbow (direction) never gets pointed at the target. In the above link, look at Pedros head, shoulder and front elbow. All pointing at the target.

If you look at the video around the 3:20 mark and on as he goes through your body movement you never get your elbow to point at the plate. I personally like a higher glove hand that is “open” to first base (right handed pitcher) with slight elbow bend but with your head, shoulder and front elbow all being lined up and targeting the plate as though you were looking down the site of a rifle.

We teach to reach out and grab a knob on a door/window that is above your shoulder at your eye level and then “open the door” by twisting the knob and then pulling your chest through the door/window or pushing your core through the open door/window. (Some guys are glove side pullers and other are chest pushers - which ever you are - make it work)

All the rest of the stuff he says is correct. But he never mentions your front side dropping and never quite getting to the plate. As you watch from 3:20 to about 3:50 you will see your elbow drop as glove tucks towards hips. I think if you can get that glove side more pointed towards home and get your arm angle higher before core rotation you will add MPH to the velo.

If you look at the other player in comparison around the 3:53 mark, you will see glove side still high and elbow pointing at the plate. That force that you will create by bringing your glove to your chest (or your chest to your glove) will help get another couple MPH onto that ball.

I also think you look as though you pronate a touch early. That may be causing what he talks about in the last part of his breakdown. It is really hard to tell because we can’t stop the video exactly where we need it to see exactly.

Remember, you want your foot plant to “trigger” things in a sequence. You want that to fire your hips, then your core, your shoulder, your elbow, your wrist and then your fingers. I try to get my players to think of the last two motions as “slapping five with the catcher” and then “poking him in the eyes” with your middle and pointer fingers (4 seam FB). This will in essence keep your wrist pointed at the target at release with the proper hand position of behind and on top of the ball and then will get your fingers working correctly to put more spin on the ball, which effects how the ball flies through the air.

Overall your delivery looks pretty sound. Best to you and keep working!!!


He does a very good job of analyzing your video. You look good. One thing he didn’t mention that might be useful is to think about hooking the rubber. Look at your back foot and his. The concept of hooking the rubber was a Sandy Koufax thing, but Kershaw and Pedro, among others, do it…as does the player he’s comparing you to. Basically, have your foot half on and half off the rubber to make it easier to get momentum going forward. The other advice I’d give you is be careful about over-analyzing mechanics. Stay athletic and explosive, versus hitting certain checkpoints. [Not that I disagree with what he was saying…it’s just a general comment].