14yr old looking for feedback

I was able to get a third base side view, front view and a side view slow motion. Feed back is welcome. My son has been having good success but we are always looking to improve.

I think he is doing very well for his age, although (And I might be wrong about this btw), I think he should be taking a little longer stride because I feel like he can add a bit of velocity that way.

Hey Mike,

This is what I see. The Good

  1. You have nice timing and rhythm.
  2. You show good early weight shift while getting gathered and loaded during leg lift.
  3. You lead well with the hips
  4. Good momentum towards home plate before hand break.
  5. Stable and engaged with your back leg
  6. Your center of gravity and hips lead your delivery
  7. You sit into your stride.
  8. Hips and core dip while moving towards home plate.

The work - The Velocity Leaks

  1. Lack of forward trunk tilt. You are too upright at ball release. Good trunk tilt gets you farther over your front foot allowing you to release the ball closer to home. Ideally you want your head and chest over your front leg with the ball leaving your fingers at or past your front foot.
  2. Lack of front foot stability at ball release. You have to stick your landing. After ball release, you run down off the mound instead of rotating your hips up and over during follow through.

Thanks a lot for you feedback

Looks really good, honestly. But the others are right. Could afford another foot of stride. That’s why he’s running out in front after release. That knee should be bent a great deal more.

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definitely cutting off stride early and the result is pitching across his body. He may be cutting it off because he doesn’t have the core or leg strength to support a full stride. Has he grown considerably in the last month or so? He may just not be used to his body size yet. Have him concentrate on striding down the center line (line drawn straight from his foot on the rubber to home plate) instead of to the right (from his perspective).

He grow only an inch or so but gained at least 20 pounds this year. He is working in it. I will post another video next month or so.