14yo needs mechanics advice please

Please tell me anything you see wrong. I haven’t been able to throw consistent strikes. Thanks.

Honestly I would start at the top of you motion, when you are in the post I would like to see you a bit taller through your knees, seem to be squatting down quite a bit (I feel this takes the advantage of the height of the mound away from you). Some thing else I see that can effect accuracy is that your arm ends up between your legs and not over your left knee this can seriously effect accuracy because you end with your shoulders square to the plate vs right shoulder pointing to the plate.

i’ve noticed the finish between the legs, and i’ve tried to fix it, but then it seems i concentrate on it too much and lose my concentration on the result. I will try and work on it more though. Any other suggestions?

Like I said, balance at the top of your post and don’t drop into you knee where you lose your height, if you are 6’ now, I think you should be 6’ at the top of your post, your knee might be a bit flexed but not bent. I will look at more soon.

When you say balance at the top of your post, you don’t mean come to a stop in the middle of my wind-up do you? I’ve heard and read that you are supposed to have your momentum moving forward through the balance point. I do think my leg should be straighter though. My stride length also seemed a bit shorter in this video. Not sure why. Will work on that back leg. Any other advice that would help?

At the top of your post you should “feel” your balance, in fact you might be starting your momentum forward but as you get to the top of your post your hips are the only thing starting forward, your shoulders, core and head are staying. I think that if you would try to get the drop out of your knees and only get a flex this might seriously improve your overall balance and accuracy.

I see alot of good things your lower half keep doing what your doing with a little more drive out the mound looks a little flat so we can’t really see what your stride is try and make it 90 to 100% of your hight. First off are you everywere when you mis or up down in out? To me it is in your shoulders if you look a the 12 sec on the back view they are behind your knees which causes your weight to be on your heels either you stay a little taller, or in my book have better posture so your shoulders are over your knees. one last thing control the fron side glove, extend that releace point to the plate. Like i said keep the lower half the same. Tim

I miss pretty much everywhere. Usually not by too much. I will have some crazy pitches though. Anyways, i will work on controlling my glove side in my next bull pen, and following thru with my hand at side, not between legs. Heres a video from this weekend in a tournament. i tried to stay taller, but i can see my back knee is almost touching ground at one point. Is this good, or not?

Looks a little better, watch your front foot and see how it is pointing to the 1st base side you have got to control that keep the shoe strings to 3rd base side as long as you can , you really need to rotate into foot plant. But just a heads up my boy worked on this vary thing last winter takes a while to fix

Yeah i noticed my front is pointing to first base, and causes me to fall off to the right side and lose my balance a lot. Does it look like i keep it closed long enough though? I notice it turns toward first after i land, not while in the air. It sort of pivots when it lands.

No look really close it happens as you put it down, your foot needs to land as you are rotating the hips open(rotating into foot plant) that is not what is causing you to go to the left the good rotation around your spine is causing that. Look at a few of my post videos you will see the work on the front foot.l

Not a great angle but what I see is:

Arm actions needs work
Flexibility issues in the core
Linear through release
Some hip slide after footplant (you need to firm up the plant leg better).

Tackle one issue at a time. I would spend time on arm action first.

Work on a drill such as this:

Do it just like you see it. After a few times through the drill, finish by throwing the ball.

Also, do some searches for backwards chaining drills that Lankylefty has in his personal log. You can find a lot of good info there starting at around page 12 or so.

Good luck.

when you start to the plate i noticed that you were sweeping your front leg out to third base and then towards home. when you do this you create an inconsistant landing point that causes you to miss in and out. i would recomend drawin a line from the center of your back foot to home plate all the way down the mound and work on makin a straight path to that line with your lead foot.

Ok so i worked on all these things, follow through, glove side, and my landing foot. The only thing i don’t think is quite fixed yet is my back leg still has too much flex. But here is a recent video. Wondering if it looks any better.