14yo looking for more reviews

Heres an update on my mechanics. I’ve worked on the glove side and flying open, but i think i am still opening a little to early, like at the same time as my lower body. Trying to get the right arm action too. See any problems, or things i need to fix? i think i am getting close, but i know there are still things to work on.
Does anyone have a guess on my velocity? Is it possible i am hitting 72-73? I really want to know so i know where i am at compared to where i should be. I’m 14. Thanks.

I do see some good technique imporvement since the first time you posted, now you need to start trusting in the technique and “let it go”. You look like you are trying to place the ball in the mitt instead of throw it through the glove. If you are only going to go 75% then all the work on the technique is worthless, it really looks like you have a lot left maybe 5-7 mph is being left behind. Tear the cover off the ball this week and see where you can get to…

ok thanks bu, i’ll be sure to throw hard. i’ll post another vid on Sunday. Thats the only time i can throw.

Yep, I will check it out!!!

I am your same age, You’re taller than me, you have a more athletic body than me (I’m skinny as fuck, sorta like Lincecum) and I throw about 5mph more than you

Take a bigger step, way bigger than that one, when I’m pitching, my knees touch the floor
Rotate your waist more
And flow your body, when I pitch, I go at a certain rhythm, which gives me balance, accuracy and a bit of speed.

Many varsity players from my school tell me, you can’t do shit with your body, and I pitch about the same as them when I’m gonna turn 15 in 2 weeks and they’re probably married and have a freaking kid…

I’ll try to post a video

Don’t rate yourself against anyone else beaver26, I have watched your videos this year and do see good inprovement, you still have 6 months to work and Rome wasn’t built in a day. You might end up with a bigger step and then again maybe you won’t, you will throw harder and improve your accuracy over time.

Someone else will say they throw 15 mph more and I know a 15 yr old that throws 90 right now. Doesn’t make him the best pitcher.

You need time and mechanical development, learn to use your body and control your physical gifts.

BTW: can you drop the videos down to maybe your best 2-3 pitches, 6 minutes is a lot to watch.

Finally got a chance to go out and throw. Here are the videos. I have two views- front and side, two pitches each. The view from behind didn’t process right, or still is, and i can’t watch it yet. If i get it i’ll put it on here. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

BTW i am looking at getting Paul Nyman’s Rotational Throwing For Numbies, but i don’t know how to how to contact him. If you have an email address, or some other way please let me know. i think i could benifit from it. Thanks.