14U you have seen me before

Here is my newest video, I have had video’s up here since I was 10 and you guys have helped me so much, leave some comments if you like. Location has been good, velocity is defintely moving up and I am so pumped for this season. I would like to have a little less foot drag, what do you think?


Stride is about 5’ 9" too.

You look really good and controlled - my only suggestion would be to get your hips moving out more quickly; as soon as you reach the top of leg lift your hips should be moving explosively forward. This will create a later hand break and get you to ride the back leg with more mass on it. The later hand break will cause a change in timing with respect to your arm action, which means you will get the arm up a tad later. And keep working to get the back leg to full extension before you put the front foot down (staying sideways as long as possible).

Looks great, though! Keep working!

So you are saying I should move my hips forward quicker? I have been trying to get a quicker torque movement once I start to turn my hips?

Yes, move fast from the beginning. Too many kids are slow and robotic in the beginning of their deliveries and then try to speed up after landing. Watch real time video of Lincecum and watch what he does at the top of his leg lift - you will see his hips driving sideways toward the plate very quickly. There is no slow down - everything is fast and explosive; get your body moving out as quickly as possible and keep driving until you get to full back leg extension. That’s when the front foot goes down. At this point, you will have built up enough momentum to transfer to the trunk and arm.

Why does everybody use Lincecum, everybody says he is such a freak of nature the way he pitches, personally I feel that Roger Clemens or Curt Shilling have styles that are much more similar to how I pitch, of course I only throw 75 mph vs 95 mph. I like the way that both of them have good solid balance not only at their post but all the way through the motion, not a lot of front side tilt, they use both the glove side and the pitching arm to throw the ball in addition to lots of torque from the trunk once the front foot is down.

Does everybody think that Lincecums style is the way pitchers should throw today? I like Shilling and Clemens and probably I am influenced by the way they pitch.

They are both good examples to use… that being said, I think one could look at aspects of most MLB pitchers and find things that up and coming pitchers should NOT emulate - which can definitely be said for Lincecum. Rather, I like to point out the similarities of what elite pitchers are doing. I referenced Lincecum because he probably moves to the plate faster than any pitcher in baseball right now; he also has the longest stride for his height and he has the latest arm action. I would suggest that these are the primary reasons why he can generate the velocity he does with such a small frame and why he never has any arm soreness/pain/injury. If the bigger guys learned to move as fast, they would be even better in my opinion.

I would definitely not copy Lincecum’s overall mechanics - he over-rotates, swings the leg too much, as well as a few other things I don’t think are good for young pitchers to try to emulate.

When I was seriously getting into pitching, I used to go to the original yankee Stadium, many moons ago, and I watched the pitchers, particularly the legendary Big Three of the late 40s to the mid-50s—Vic Raschi, Allie Reynolds and Ed Lopat. I discovered that they were all doing the same thing: they were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, and that was how they were generating the power behind their pitches—not to mention taking a lot of pressure off the arm and shoulder so they could throw harder and faster with less effort (even Lopat who was not a power pitcher like the other two). I saw just how they were doing this, and I made a note of it and started working on it on my own.
That is The Secret—the real key to a pitcher’s power. As I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found myself doing the same thing they were, and even though I wasn’t much on speed I could throw harder with less effort.
I agree that Tim Lincecum is a freak of nature, and it would be unwise to try copying him—let him have his own way of doing things. There are plenty of other pitchers to study and learn from, and you would benefit more in the long run from observing what they are doing and taking the best of what you see and working with it. 8)

Zita, did you have a look at my video? What are your thoughts?

Buwhite, it looks a lot better without the foot drag. You get into good fielding position a lot faster, and that’s absolutely esssential, especially if the batter hits a line-drive comebacker at you. I remember how Yankee pitchers Vic Raschi and Ed Lopat did this; one was a fireballer and the other was a finesse pitcher, but they both eliminated that foot drag and got into good fielding position right away. So stay with that. :slight_smile: 8)

Zita, I really feel that I field my position really well, here is a good example of being in position but I just didn’t make the play…

That ball was on me right now!!!

Ok, I found another video of me when I did make the play…felt kinda bad putting up one that I didn’t!

By the way structuredoc, my pitching instructor got me moving a little more fluid through my movement yesterday, felt kinda strange but I am going to try and make the adjustment, not necessarily faster but got all parts of my action prior to the foot stride moving the same speed. I hope I can get some video this weekend.

I did not know you were still 14 BU. Your maturity, insight into the pitching motion, and writing ability make you seem much older (I mean that as a compliment :slight_smile: )

The comments aren’t only mine, my dad and I share this account, of course I am the only one pitching though, all he can do is throw bean balls.

Latest game video, any comments?

OOPPS posted as slide step but the second video is my post from the stretch.

Generally, very good mechanics - arm action looks great, very good timing, smooth… however, I would like to see you glide your hips longer toward the plate as soon as you reach the max height of your leg lift. Notice how you pick up the leg and put it straight down before going toward the plate - get the hips going earlier; before the leg comes down rather than going up, down, and out.

Second, you are turning the front foot into foot plant too early; you still have quite a bit of flexion in the back leg at this time so get to full back leg extension before putting the front foot down - you still have quite a bit of momentum and thus, velocity, in the tank, so to speak. You will then get out closer to the plate and release the ball closer and the batter will have even less time to react to the pitch.

I noticed that my stride was a little short, one issue was that the mound ended and I was on flat ground there, thanks for the comments and I hope you can look again when I have a mound that I can stride down fully.

on the foot drag note…don’t worry about it. look at guys like nolan ryan and linecum’s foot drag. both are very long. it’s not something bad or something you can really “fix”. foot drag is just a product of your stride length and your use of the lower half of your body.

overall pitching mechanics is very good!!!

only 1 thing i hope you can try to do…

stride a little bit more, jus a little bit more

I do like to have a longer/long stride, I am about 5’9" and I would like my stride to be about the same, like I said before I do have a longer stride off a full mound but this one flattened out to flat ground about 4 feet down the mound. You can look earlier in this post and see my stride on a full indoor mound there.