14u rhp

First bullpen of the year. 14U this year, 8th grader turning 14 in 2 mos.

Couple of things we will be looking to tweak, but would like to get some feedback before we put down the preseason gameplan.

Good balance, good timing. Probably could work on pulling the glove side with equal and opposite action a bit more. Even though you get quite flat at the end I would think you could get just a little flatter if you would work on not allowing your leg come forward as it releases from the plate instead a bigger leg action over to help slow your arm action down.

The first video looked better than the first.

To me, in the first one he didn’t throw with that much intensity and the second one seemed like he didn’t stride very far.

A short stride is usually caused by poor use of the legs.

But that’s just my opinion and that was only two pitches to make on off of.

Other than that he looked pretty solid.

Looks like he has room to use his lower half better. I’d like to see him moving forward sooner instead of at the balance point. I’d also position him to the glove side of the rubber to reduce posture tilt to the glove side.

I’d also want to see a true side view to look at his glove to make sure he’s getting it to equal and opposite with the throwing arm and to make sure he’s not pulling it and rotating early (which it does look like he’s doing).

Thx Gents,

I’ll get some vid from a side view with a better look at the glove side. I’m not sure how to address & tweak that piece, but he does open up too early & from what I’ve learned on this sight the glove side is the key to the fix. His elbow seems to be low as well & I have to believe that ties into to the glove side mgmt.

Working on getting stronger in the lower half & core… hopefully that will help him engage that lower half better.

Roger, he always has worked from the glove side of the rubber… ironically in that bullpen his coach moved him to the throwing side to get a tougher angle on hitters. Sounds like the angle advantages & less appropriate than the benefits he gets from the glove side in relation to posture & having better control.

I’ll have the side views by end of week & would definitely appreciate thoughts on how to tweak the glove mgmt from hand break to foot plant & see what he can do there.


[quote=“12JTWilson”]Working on getting stronger in the lower half & core… hopefully that will help him engage that lower half better.

I recommend you read this outstanding article about flexibility in the throwing arm side hip when it comes to separation:

Thx Kyleb… ur stuff is always solid

I wish he’d do yoga, the Univ of TX implemented it & in terms of flexibility & stability, wow.

His PC has a Wolfforth based workout for him thats great, but he’s not very naturally flexible & has a very young 13 yr old body so far.