14U RHP - Video Analysis

14 year old RHP. 5’10 - 135 lbs. Has been clocked 70-75 mph w/ his fastball. Looking for any feedback. Has interest to play college baseball, will be a freshman in high school this coming spring.

A little hard to see with the distance & only one angle but think he looks pretty good. Only thing I see at this point is encourage him to get momentum towards plate started earlier in the delivery. Now looks like no momentum towards the plate until after peak of leg lift. Needs to “go” during leg lift. Overall looks pretty impressive.

Thank you for your response. Have been working with him to get front hip/side moving forward when he is bringing lead leg up. Trying to eliminate “hitting balance point” Definitely something we will stress with him.

You may want to look into the videos that Paul. Re ddick. has put up about the “power angle”.

Yeah, balance point is no good. Look up Lantz Wheeler at baseballthinktank.com. Lots of good info there.

I recommend looking up Brent Pourciau on youtube. He offers many great tips for pitching mechanics

One great drill for create forward momentum with front-hip tilt while also maintaining hand-separation timing with the step is the counter-static drill. Line up with your throwing-shoulder against the fence, take one full step away from the fence then step back toward the fence while going into your knee lift, shift forward and throw… If your throwing hand hits the fence when you go to throw then your separating too early, if not, then your separate at the right time when your hips are in motion …

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I’m definitely a guy who likes momentum toward the plate. There are lots of coaches teaching balance point and others teaching early momentum. I’m all about hip position at hand break. You can have good momentum from balance point as long as you are allowing yourself time to get that front hip out before hand break. Hand break is “go time”.


I may be missing something, but I’m not seeing any issues with momentum or power angles. I see an exaggerated side step into the leg lift, but if it’s not causing balance problems into the stride then no harm. What I do see is a pretty big head tilt towards first base on the delivery. This could cause his release point to be too high - thus leaving balls up in the zone. Looks really good other than those things.

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Will add some additional videos/comments as we start working on some things and building on what he does well this winter. Thanks for your comments/suggestions.