14 Yr old Rhp trying to learn a slider

Hello fellow pitchers, i am a 14 year old right hander, 5’ 9" 180ish, and im trying to learn a slider. i a throw high 50s low 60s fastball and a changeup. i would like to learn a third pitch so if i make my highschool team i dont get smacked around. please leave tips in the replies.

I would learn a sinker or if your up to it, a curveball. Just something that has more drop to it.


“ im trying to learn a slider.”

There are 2 ways to drive a Slider.

One drives the ball using forearm supination where the ball Thumb articulates up and it’s Elbow down caused by intuitive forearm flyout “outside of vertical”. It is one of the most destructive pitch types on your inner Elbow that exists.

One drives the ball using forearm pronation where the ball Thumb articulates down caused by voluntary “inside of vertical” path. It is healthy for the Elbow because it allows the Elbow joint to be swivel bypassed at full extension and released for recovery.

“i would like to learn a third pitch so if i make my highschool team”

As mentioned learn the fastball Sinker and the full change of speed screwball to make batters look silly and most importantly they are intuitively driven and recovered with forearm pronation.

When you learn the pronated Slider it becomes a pronated cutter with less wrist flexing effort effort!

Good luck and never learn Forearm supinated pitch types like the traditional S. Curve, S. Slider or the S. Cutter.

The slider/cutter thrown to the outer third of the plate is probably the most effective pitch in high school baseball. In fact unless you are over 85mph kids that cut their fastball “accidentally” are often more effective in HS throwing 72-75, than the straight fastball at 82. The slider/cutter Is easier to throw for a strike and because it’s harder for batter to pick up they can’t just spit on it. Remember hs umpires give every pitcher 3-4 balls widths off the outside a strike so if your slider moves 6” and you start it outer third you can still get the called strike if hitter doesn’t swing. I think it also makes the curve, even a bad one, which most hs pitchers throw, more effective as an off speed surprise pitch if you can throw two other pitches for strikes when you want. Google Trevor Bauer pitch development, Although I don’t like the guy, he knows his stuff and does a good job explaining with video how to throw his pitches. There are different sliders, gyro vs sweeper, etc Doesn’t matter how you hold it, find a seam and let the hand spin it sideways, a slider/cutter spins clockwise, vs a curve that you get in front of the ball, spinning forward, think fastball not breaking pitch. PS. don’t fall in love with all of Bauer pitches, he throws a ton, develop one at a time, but it is all trial and error, don’t give up to quickly, you may just need to change a grip or finger pressure to unlock the pitch to work for you.

Last bit of advice, too many kids think a good curve is one that starts inside and breaks over the plate If you play in any top level high school, D1 etc, that pitch left over the middle will get crushed, curving or not. It’s only effective if you can throw another pitch besides it and the fastball for a strike and the batter is guessing wrong. You can’t be predictable when you throw the curve, You have to be able to pitch backwards also.

Do not learn or attempt to throw a slider until 18+. Your growth plates in your elbow are still developing and a slider can put undo pressure on the ulnar nerve and that’ll be the end of your pitching career.
Focus on 2seam with armside movement, a change up and a located 4 seamer.
Ted Williams said it best.
Hitting is timing
Pitching is disturbing that timing.