14 yr old pitching mechanics

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looks like really solid form! If you think he is ready, try to get him to explode more.

i agree. his delivery his not very explosive.

Thanks for your analysis, Yes he is working on that.

I’ll venture the possibly unorthodox opinion that not every pitcher needs to develop an “explosive” delivery.

There are certainly many pitchers who do thrive with violent-looking mechanics, and there may be a greater tendency among youth players and their dads to emulate those pitchers…maybe it’s a testosterone-driven thing?

However, there are also many successful pitchers at the highest levels of baseball whose deliveries look highly controlled and effortless.

If your son is having success with his current style, I’m not so sure that it would be a good thing to change him. Experiment with it maybe, but I wouldn’t set that as a firm goal…it might not be his style.

Your 14 yo son’s mechanics look efficient, in my opinion. Is he having any specific trouble? [Note: Every pitcher in baseball wants at least 10 mph more velocity than he currently has…that doesn’t qualify as “trouble”. If your 14 yo is throwing a FB that is mid-60’s with decent command of the strike zone, that is somewhat above average for his age, believe it or not].

^^^ I agree. Many pitchers have very relaxed looking mechanics and I’ve always wondered how I could get to that level. I’ve never heard of an “nice and easy” 95 mph pitch lol. I think you don’t have to explode til the point where its violent, but “exploding” to me is adding a noticeable amount of force into the weight/momentum of the mechanics. Along with smooth power transfer, it will give you that nice and easy looking delivery. I just would like how to learn it for myself haha.

Looks like his front side pull might be a little early, this could create more explosiveness, otherwise looks great. What area are you in looks a lot like how my kids pitching coach works with him.

Thanks for all of the analyses. We are from the San Antonio, Tx area. He isn’t having a lot of problems and is coming off a solid 14 yr old season. His last few starts were dominant including striking out 5 of last 7 in his last start.

He is now considered a 15 yr old and is playing on a 16U Select team as well as trying to move into HS as a Frosh, thus the desire to improve from 65-70 to 70-75. He is working on driving off the mound more. His coach wants him to feel like he is falling forward and his momentum carries him down the mound. Also what is “front side pull”? Thanks.

Front Side Pull is just what I am calling where his glove side, left arm is pulling the ball towards home as the throwing arm is moving. It looks as though his glove side pulls back prior to his plant foot gets down, should be extended toward the plate at that point ,some think it should be the glove and some think it should be the elbow, looks like he gets the elbow out there a little like Lincecum.

Have him focus on trying to take a much longer stride than he is comfortable with and have him to touch the the ground with his throwing hand after his release.

And you dont want him to have an explosive stride. You want it to be smooth, but long. Explosive movements cause head movement, which can cause power and accuracy problems.

Stride should be smooth but the hip turn should be explosive, once the front foot gets down using the hips that way can produce more velocity.