14 yr old looking for feedback on mechanics

Hi all,

We are still working to keep closed a bit longer and keep from rotating off the front heel.

feedback would be greatly appreciated.


The reason for the spin of his plant foot is due to a couple of things:

  1. He is swinging his foot a bit into landing – have him drive his front foot sideways as long as possible and straight at the target instead of swinging.

  2. Upon landing, the front knee should be directly over the ankle or just to the inside (right) of it. His knee is collapsing a bit to the outside (left). Usually, just the awareness of it is enough to make the change but sometimes it can be a functional strength issue.

Good luck!

Hopefully some more educated members can give u some detailed cause/effect and “fix” analysis… The first reply has merit regarding lead leg plant.

My .02 would be to google the “stack” teachings from Tom House. The effect is spinning off and lack of stability with post leg. The cause could be many things and the dabates can be endless, but I’m sure you’ll pick up a few positives “cause” cures within the stack principles. My son doesn’t spin off, but he is struggling with his head getting too far outside his plant leg and his head/eyes aren’t tracking to the plate. Again, I think House’s “stack” and head/eyes mgmt teachings will be a good read for you. It’s essentially partner advice from the 1st poster re: linear lead leg stride. It’s all about linear movement with the body and keeping eyes, chin, belly button, knees and ankles on the same center of gravity (stack) and moving to the target as you get to foot plant.
Tuff video to analyze on my iPhone, but foot plant position, lead arm action, and shoulder rotation “analysis” may give u some feedback as well. I’ve got a checklist of “keys to success and consistency” that I check with my sons video taped sessions.

To a lessor degree, compare his initial step back. Longer and quicker than most. Pure guess here, but that’s a deep and agressive move that could be setting off a imbalance that leads to the eventual foot plant imbalance. Moving fast in a straight line is critical. Doing so under control is even more important.

Kids got an athletic body and live arm and good size and many other pitching qualities. I see an adjustment being moderate and then him picking up 2-3 mph and more importantly increased control and probably lasting 10 more pitches @ “full strength”.

I bet if you put up a longer video (:30+ with 3 pitches in sequence) and a 3b-1b-CF or catchers view you’ll get some expert advice from key members