14 yr old commits to USC before playing in 1 HS varsity game


OK fellas, the bar has been raised, or lowered. Heck i dont know. But if we are going to be keeping up with the Ciuffo’s, we are going to need to step up our kids training regimen. :smiley:

Wow! Thats incredible he must be amazing.

I think this is insane… There are so many things that could happen, and no one should ever be committing this early, even if it’s a “verbal”.

The young man is exceptional - no doubt about it.

But take note of the way he’s being handled - PROMOTION FOLKS, IT’S ALL ABOUT PROMOTION.

Is he good - yup. Is he prospect material - yup. Did people around him just let it go at that - NOPE!

If you can clock 110MPH, ERA 1.00, Bat Avg - 700, and nobody will come to see you … it really doesn’t matter. Oh maybe to you and your folks … but you got to be promotable … workable … the total package.

Take a look at the young man’s picture from the web site being referenced above. Notice how clean shaved, with a smile, real personality stuff. THAT’S PROMOTABILITY. As a scout, cross checker, staff coach, GM, … I can use a program guy like that … along with the other tools of course.

So take note - be promotable. Don’t do things off the field that will detract from what you do on the field. And for heaven’s sake — SMILE. Don’t be so serious that you lack a little sense of humor. Get along with people and be a good mixer … remember… your part of one of the most important elements in this game … entertainment.

Coach B.