14 yo max needs advise on basics

Max video please advise


  1. Tuck the glove everytime you throw.
  2. There should be more momentum going foward so that your back leg should be forced to come up about mid drag and the leg should swing around. You definate never should fall back like that after your delivery.

Here is a you tube video of the drill…

  1. Your hands should be in the middle of your body at set position.

  2. When you start your leg lift, keep your hands in your middle and when your leg starts to come down, reach out with your glove like you are trying to backhand a ball. Your glove hand should not follow the ball backwards.

  3. Keep your back shoulder in a more level position, you are dropping severely.

  4. I like the stride, but your back leg is colapsing to the point your knee is almost hitting the ground. Keep your back leg stiff but flexible, and push into a foward moving kick.

You don’t get out over the front foot nearly enough and your release point is behind your front foot when it should be out in front of your front foot.

Here’s my advice:

First, bend those knees in your starting position. You sit a fair bit before moving forward. That makes you slower to the plate and the distance you move up and down you lose from going forward.

Second, get your butt moving forward sooner - before peak of knee lift.

Third, stabilize your glove in front of your torso instead of letting it fly out to the side.