14 year olds on LL diamond?

nxt week our bronco (under 13) team is playin against a team of 11-14 year olds
so for this game some of the younger members of our team are being selected to play
this game will be with the little league 60ft bases and 45ft pitching distance
is tis fair to have 14 year old pitchers throing from 45ft?
we have a 14 y/o pitcher on our tea who is a monster of a guy and throws 75-80 mph wo is refusing to play in the gme, just wat to know peoples thoughts of whether these plyrs ae too old

…just want to know peoples thoughts …

Eleven(11) to fourteen(14) year old age spread brings only one word to mind:


Coach B.

thats a horrible horrible idea. I was throwing 81-84 when i was 14, and hitting rockets, and if i had done any of that on a Little League diamond someone would have died.

That is waaay to big of and age gap, its dangerous, stupid, and possibly deadly.

well theres actually a development in the situation
the team coming down to play will playing th under 13’s
they step off of the bus and theyre all huge and considered too big then my age group (unnder 16’s) will play them with 75ft bases and a 56ft pitching distance, better idea but still strange

There is a huge difference in strength and coordination between 11 and 14 year-olds. I agree with the others that allowing 11 and 14 year-olds to play together is dangerous. Whether it’s a 14 year-old throwing at an 11 year-old batter or a 14 year-old batter hitting the ball back at an 11 year-old pitcher on a 45 foot mound, it’s a recipe for serious injury.

Little League Juniors (13-14 year olds) play on 60x90 fields. Here in Arizona, 13 year-old travel teams play on 54x80 fields and 14 year-old travel teams play on 60x90 fields. Junior high teams (13-14 year-olds) also play on 60x90 fields. The 14 year-olds have no business going back down to the 45x60 field especially against younger kids.

I hate pitching on a 45 ft mound. I did it once, and i couldn’t find my sinker for the next two weeks. However, in the same game, our 3b got injured by a line drive. Also, smaller diamon=shorter fences=bye bye mr rawlings.

well, at our club they way it works is that :
9-12 year olds play on th 45X60ft diamond
13-16 year olds play on the 60X90 ft diamond
13-16’s used to play on 54X80 ft diamond but that got expanded to the full size since the club formed a mens team last year
you might find this an even worse idea:
last year the club had a mixed game between anyone aged 9-15 on the 45X60 diamond but exteded the pitching distance to 54ft
Ididn’t complain as I pitched and dominated lol
but the way I look at it is that if want to prov myself against older players then I should do that, I play against full grown men and I feel that I’m good enough to play against them, it can only make me a better player.

[quote=“xanderh”]well, at our club they way it works is that :
9-12 year olds play on th 45X60ft diamond

Our Mustang 9-10 play on that size.

11-12 play 48x70. Can’t imagine them on 44x60

I dont know really
in the Little Leaue World Series its all 12 year olds playing 45x60ft
where a lot of them throw 70mph which is like the equivalent of facing a 94mph fastball from 60ft

In my considered opinion, that 14-year-old “monster” is absolutely right to refuse to play in the game, because he has an unfair advantage—he throws up to 80 miles an hour, right? He needs to transfer to a more advanced league—say, 14-18. The wheels should be set in motion as soon as possible. 8)

This is a dangerous idea.

At 11 you have boys still learning how to play and some guys who just are not going to be athletic enough to be on a ball field. At 14, this has begun to be sorted out. 3 years is huge at this age just from a maturity point of view.

What Darwin Award nominee thought this up? Parents should be really angry!


As someone said once, “There is no cure for stupidity.” :x

i agree 3 years is a big dif