14 year old needs velocity improvement

Please let me know what i can work on.


i would like your input also please.

The only thing I got for ya is all that mo is going nowhere, I mean think about it, you pause to look down and get your foot right so everything before that is meaningless. The rest looks not bad for your age, I like the funemental look of your delivery. Structure goes into several things but I would suggest starting with one thing and seeing if that corrects some of the others. For example, correctly applying momentum by loading the bottomhalf and getting the hips moving in front of that will get you further out over the front leg. It may have a positive effect on the foot thing Structure was talking about.
I’m completely with La though…do not pitch from a crappy mound, you call time and take the time…the only thing that throwing from something like this does is make you too cautious and worried about slipping. Making the “best” of it might get you injured and that certainly is not the angle you need for the future.