14 Year old Mechanics freshman (please help)

any flaws you see please mantion and some tips to correct it. also if anyone could mention velocity tips that would be nice. were working on velocity right now.

havent been clocked in a while but anyone have a idea how fast hes throwing?



its not wanting to let me post it here so the url is http://www.youtube.com/v/X_NOiEDji0c

are you mid 70’s?

iunno…you tell me…last time i was clocked about 4 months ago bout i had totally diiferent mechanics then.

i’d say slow it down a lil… My coach said to me i was rushing thru wind up and pitch… so he told me to slow it down and stride farther and my velocity was alot better just like that.

Your motion is pretty good. Can’t say anything about that. Only on your release point. But that will come.
Try to relax a bit. Like the way your throwing on the vid. Your like a pitching machine. I was like that too. It didn’t help me at all. I needed to throw 30 pitches before i got out of one inning. Relax. keep breathing.

My opinion is I think you should speed it up a little. I think you need more tempo in the delivery.

From the time you lift your knee until ball release is about 1.5 seconds. From what I’ve seen most MLB pitchers are in the 0.9 to 1.2 range. This may help you get more momentum and smooth transfer of energy into the pitch.

im not leading with my hips i dont think. anything else yall see wrong?

You need to keep that front foot closed longer. You open it the whole way into landing. Keep it closed until the last second, then open it along with the back hip and foot while trying to keep that top half closed. Also speed up your motion. These are my suggestions.

-leading with open front foot
-landing with open front foot
-leaning back at the gathered position
-inconsistant when raising of the arms
-inconsistant with high cock pos. when foot lands (rushing)

thats what i like to hear…constructive critisism. know i know what im doing wrong.

anyways to help fix this?

what could i do in my wind up to correct it?

Sorry Drew, didn’t know the level of your awareness.

Two options:
1- See a “good” pitching coach
2- Buy a good book on pitching, study the drills and practice in front of a mirror. I like Spanky McFarlands “Coaching Pitchers”