14 year old mechanics breakdown

Hey guys,

New to the site. This a video of my 14 year old brother, he’s 6’2", 190 pounds. Any feedback on his mechanics from what you can see? (sorry for the poor quality, if you can watch the video on your smartphone it is much clearer).

Welcome. Very nice delivery - he does many things well. I wish he was off a mound so that we could really get a better sense of his delivery, but one element that stands out is the direction of his finish – a little out of control toward first base. I’d like to see more of his momentum upon finish moving straighter toward the target which I suspect he might do a better job of off of a real mound.

What has he been working on mechanically recently?

Emphasis has really been on how he moves his hips. He’s a leg swinger/ front hip dominant so the idea of pelvic loading has been put into place and it’s obviously still in progress. In regards to his finish, pitchers fall off to their opposite side most of the time; all the time if they’re high velocity. What concerns me more is his trunk angle compared to his arm and his head position.

Here’s a rear view: King pitching mechanics 2 of 2 - YouTube

Looks like his body is following his head to the first base side. Fix the head & it’ll change the direction. Direction of head possibly a result of trunk/shoulder tilt?

Finish to the first base side is a result of explosive mechanics, definetly want to calm down his head movement though. http://share.gifyoutube.com/yx2xab.gif

I really think that the fall off to the glove side that others have commented on is due to his starting position and stride direction. In the video, he seems to be using the black line on the floor as a reference. His target is aligned with the black line and he sets his pivot foot on the line as well. So, he effectively starts in the middle of the rubber and then strides towards the throwing arm side of the line. But in order to get his shoulders squared up to the target, he leans to the glove side. This causes his center of mass to shift to the glove side resulting in the fall-off to the glove side.

The first thing I’d do is have him move to the glove side of the rubber and see what effect that has on his posture. It should reduce the glove-side tilt.

Ah, so you believe he may be landing a little too far to his throwing arm side and to get his shoulders open he has to pull off hard to his glove side to make up from the difference? First thing I’ll do with him is work on his stride direction. His stride is in a weird phase right now going from swinging open (being front hip dominant) to a pelvic loading style that is completly changing his delivery; a work in preogress.

I’d start by moving his starting position on the rubber because it’s basically a freebie - it doesn’t require him to change anything about how he throws the ball. Changing stride direction will be more difficult to change,

Moving to the glove side of the rubber will also shorten his pick-off throws to 1B.