14 year old lefty. Need help with mechanics

My son will be one of the primary pitchers on his 13/14 year old team. He is not a hard thrower but has had success over the years on travel ball as he has some movement and the speed of his pitches seems to throw hitters off. We have been working on getting his elbow lower as he has had some arm problems a few times. He had a tendency to use too much arm and not enough body. Thanks for any help.

Another view.

his stride is pretty short, and he’s not using enough arm, and also he’s barley building momentom towards the plate

I know his stride is short. It is something we are working on. It is actually a little longer when working off an actual mound. Suggestions on how to use more arm/gain momentum? Thanks.

1.) instead of coming to a complete stop at his balance point, when he gets to the top of his leg kick start moving forward

2.) you could also do the drop and drive technique that you hear a lot of

3.) go to pitchingclips.com and look at roger clemens, nolan ryan, scott kazmir, greg maddux and roy oswalts’s arm action, they all lead with their elbow and use thier legs

4.) defenitly weight train

also try to get good hip/shoulder rotation

It should help if when he comes to the post position he would be a little more deliberate before starting forward, right now he is starting forward before he is at the top of his leg kick. Lifting the knee a little higher should get him down the hill more.

We will work on his leg kick and post leg. This will hopefully result in a better stride. He really was not throwing hard in the video. He did not even know I had the recorder on. Any more tips and comments are appreciated.

Weight training, its usually a good idea to start with mechanics, if you get them down then maby weight training but he’s still young 13-14 I know kids are weight training at that age but to say definitly weight training is a bit extreme.

I can’t give too good advice but I’d say try and build a little more momentum. Also work on getting the ball across the plate and maby a little location, I’m sure someone can give some more help with mechanics but not too much for now you need to let him mature.

That is a very fine detail that isn’t usually encouraged to be coached becuase it is a timing mechanism that can be cured easily without actually thinking hip and shoulder seperation, it is too advanced for a 13-14 year old. I wouldn’t worry about this it’s not important now, one step at a time.