14 year old, Good Mechanics? What do you think?

Just making sure these come up as links. Trying to get a better video.

I’d say you should lengthen your stride a lot more. I’m a 14 year old pitcher as well so i know you can throw much harder than you did in that video. And after you release the ball try bringing your throwing arm down to the left side of your hip instead of your right. I really hope this helps!

thanks, i’ve heard that lengthening my stride will help me throw harder and i’ve been trying to. Also i’m trying to use my legs more to generate power. also want to get a better video. It was freezing that day and It isn’t a very good angle.

Try to film it off of a mound too please.

NEVER PITCH WITH A COAT ON!!! Ever. It may not seem like a lot, but that is a ton of extra weight to put on your arm, very much NOT a good idea. Besides that, looks like you need to get your stride up a bit (if you could tell us about what percent it is of your height right now that would be helpful), and your dropping your glove arm. You want to separate your arms, then bring your chest to your glove. My guess is you probably throw in the dirt more than you would like.

if its too cold, don’t pitch if you are not warming up


dont pitch at all if u haven’t warmed up properly