14 year old girl - Mechanics


Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback. This is what I am seeing as well. I agree that the hitch looks like it may just be a product of the timing issue. Her throwing hand seemes to go up way to early and is just waiting for everything else to catch up. Then there is that hitch right before everything starts to work together again. We will try your suggestions when she is feeling better.



Do you know of a specific incident that could have caused shoulder pain. Or Could it have come from pitching or throwing?


I never saw this post until today–very strange that I missed it.
Anyway, she should work on energizing that delivery. It’s sort of …apprehensive, I guess is the right word.

She looks like someone that has been improperly performing the towel drill and it has sapped all the power out of her delivery. The beginning of her delivery and stride looks almost exactly like a softball delivery, but instead of windmilling, she switches up and goes overhand.

Her hands are never together in the video, so obviously her hand break is too early. Her arm is cocked way too early and after arm cocking, she brings the ball toward her head.

One way to get that all synced up is to delay hand separation and then when she gets her arm straight back parallel to the ground and her glove arm extended forward (roger’s equal and opposite), she should try to keep the ball stationary and move her body while keeping the ball in the same spot. I think this will take care of the oddity at the 11 second mark.

She also need to generate momentum moving toward the target and ditch her version of the towel drill. Glove to target–>chest to glove–>pitching hand to target–>get up and over the front knee with a flat back at follow through.