14-year old arsenal

How is this arsenal
1)4-seam Fastball
5)Split-finger Fastball

You already have enough pitches in your arsenal. Splitter basically sinks and knuckle curve causes blisters and if you throw a knuckleball you have zero chance of making it to the major leagues. Screwball ends careers

Wait what? What pitch doesn’t have a possibility of causing blisters? Anyway, its more about how your hand is conditioned.

Throwing a knuckleball gives you no chance of making the majors? I doubt that. However, unless you have superb control ( as in being consistent in throwing the ball with little-to-no spin, not controlling movement/location) most teams will not have an interest in you. The great thing about the knuckleball is that it gives those who are too old to be scouted at least a shot to attract attention during an open tryout. Look at Hoyt Wilhelm; he didn’t break into the majors until he was 29. Also, it can help lengthen a career if you’re good enough.

Now, for your poll, I would suggest either the sinker or the knuckleball. The sinker would work well if your change-up has similar movement (down/down and in on same-sided batter). Try that one first.

Justin Verlander used to throw a knucklecurve at the beginning of his rookie season until it caused serious blisters and he had to switch to a conventional curve. He was not as good when he threw the knucklecurve at the beginning of the season. He could of had a better record if it wasn’t for the blister problems that the knucklecurve caused.

Eh, I still think its more of a personal problem than a general issue.

Anyway, why would you want to add a knuckle-curve if you already have a curve ? :wink:

If you actually expect to last another couple of years throwing a screwball then you need to rethink of what to throw. In my opinion, drop the curveball, splitter and cutter. Fastball and a change up gets the job done and doesn’t screw up your arm.

BTW, a sinker is a great pitch for 13-14 year olds. I would go with that.

You don’t necessarily need to drop the cutter. It’s a good pitch but also a bit complex to learn. If it comes easy its good because it looks just like your change and fastball making it a deadly pitch if thrown right.