14 year old (8th grade) pitcher velocity


Hi I am currently 14 years old (8th grade) and I’m 5”10 140”. I am a LHP and throw 75 from the mound. I am very serious about playing baseball for college. Am I a potential D1 prospect?


Well above average, I’d say so but you might never gain another mph, some kids max out sooner than others. You might throw hard now but in the next 4 years of high school only gain 4-5 mph and fall into an average senior year speed.


Depends how much left you have in the tank. What’s your Deadlift and Squat at?


5’10” 140, sounds like u have room to grow. Ur fb velocity at 14 seems fast enough where you are a D1 prospect at some point down the road. One piece of advice I can really give is hit the weight room and work on mobility. I wish I started weight training seriously when I was younger. I was able to get recruited to a D1 school but I’ve been playing catch-up in the weight room. Finally made gains and let me tell you… makes a huge difference. Ben Brewster on YouTube has some great vids on strength and stretching that can help


You can make yourself into a D1 prospect if you work hard. Work on changing fastball grips. Work on a Changeup you can locate and get movement on. Work on hitting your target consistently. Study batters. Work on building strength in the weight room. Hustle at practice. Take care of your arm. If you are one of the better pitchers in your league you should have opportunities to play at the next level. But you can’t ride your talent there. You need to put in alot of work. The next level is loaded with talent. The hard work makes the difference.


Probably need about 15 pounds on that frame.