14 y/o upper arm pain

I’m currently 14 y/o’s and have been experiencing some pain just below the shoulder, in the bicep/tri. I wouldn’t say it’s serious as it only hurts when throwing, and I’m wondering if it will be fine by March 3rd for tryouts. I’ve been doing work with coach’s and they said it might be because I’m retracting my arm while finishing and stressing the elbow, I’m also gonna leave a video for the more experienced fellows

I call that serious. Stop throwing and see an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine. See no one else.

Thanks, haven’t checked here in a while but that pain went away in 1 1/2 weeks rest and I’m currently rather successful as a relied pitcher for my high school team, I’m just wondering about some pain on the bottom of the elbow, palm up it’s on the bottom facing the ground and doesn’t hurt while throwing or standing and hasn’t affected my pitching, it hurts more in everyday life. I fell on the ice around mid March and that was the first time my elbow hurt. I think it’s just from the ice and the soreness that isn’t always there is from falling on the ice.