14 y.o. new pitching video

comments plz on my new and hopefully improved mechanics , and all the pitches were strikes

Looks good but Im no expert

and does anyone know how fast that is
and hopefully ill have a video by the end of the week when i throw as fast as i can

I love that long stride and the leg kick.

I have no idea how fast you were pitching.

But, Nice mechanics, nice pitches.


The high leg kick is fine but one problem that it developed for me was exploding with my lower half. From looking at the video of your son it appears he uses alot of his upper body to throw the ball but not much of his lower. Don’t worry though because this is common in many younger kids but it would help his velocity alot if he learned to explode off his back leg towards the plate. One adjustment that would help him do this would be lowering his leg kick just a little bit.

i just want to say the person in the vid is the one who is posting ,and im working on using my lower body more
ill have a new vid up soon

One pretty obvious thing I noticed is that you are lifting your throwing arm too soon.

You want to have a fluid delivery without the arm stopping at any point.
Now what you do is you break your hands too early and that leads to you having your arm ready to throw in a horizontal position while your delivery ain’t yet ready. So your arm basically pauses for a while kinda waiting for your body to chatch up to the delivery.

To correct this the solution is simple, just wait a bit longer before starting to break your hands.

You’ve got a very good, high leg kick and the overall lower body looks okay, but by adding a little stronger push as someone already mentioned and by synchronizing your delivery you should get more speed and probably your arm should feel better too. Now it looks like you’re generating most of your strenght from your arm and that means needless stress on it.

So I say break your hands later. Try to make your arm motion fluid without that little javelin-thrower pause position you have there.