14 y.o. mechanics srry about the other video

is there anything wrong with me delivery,comments plz

looks good

I only see one thing wrong wit him but its my opinion alright when he lifts his leg then bring it down its seems to me he isn’t bring his leg down more and that could slow ur velocity down a bit so i would try lifting ur leg dropping it down to about ur ankle bone then firing ur hips to home plate it should bring his speed up and be much more accurate!!

hope this helps!

thanks im goin to post a new vid soon of my mechanics

from what I saw it just looked like you were overthrowing because your body was falling way off and you seemed to stumble when you were released. Only other thing I would say is make sure to tuck the glove hand and not let it fly open so much. Other than that looks good!

The best advice I could give you for a quick fix is to point your front heel at the target for as long as possible until foot plant which will keep your body closed and you’ll feel more powerful. Notice in your video how as your front leg drops your foot is already pointing at the target which doesn’t allow full hip explosion at the end of your delivery. And also work on pulling your chest towards your glove instead of letting it fly out like the comment above says which will help shift your weight more efficiently.

Looks very unnatural, arm motion looks weird.

whats wrong about my arm motion

You go straight from the side to the top, almost looks like you hold your arm back for a second then start to throw.
Leg motion also looks akward, not much flow or tempo. Atleast that’s my take. Not to be an asshole or anything, but I wouldn’t really take anyones advice here other than someone like JD, Roger, DM, or even Bower has been giving out solid advice.

I’m here for mostly moral support, and to state the obvious. It seems that you fall off quite a bit after you throw. It’s good that you throw as hard as you can but you should be careful and try to keep that to a minimum. I pitched today and got a screamer right back to me, it’s not a nice feeling to have a ball hit back to you that fast. I was lucky enough to catch it but if I didn’t or wasn’t in a good position to field it I would have been in trouble.

I know some power pitchers get away with it but your too young to establish yourself as a power guy. Work on control it seemed on the first throw you threw it so hard you had no aim. I know your just throwing it but don’t try to impress us by throwing it as hard as you can without any kind of aim.

When you start your leg lift try to “fall” towards home with your hips going to the catcher. This will help you a lot. But you have to understand what I mean by fall. You shouldn’t really push off but in a sense you are. Once you lift that leg up you should let yourself fall towards the catcher. This will help with momentum to gain velocity then you can get rid of your little power pitcher fall off, and with the same amound of speed protect yourself and keep velocity.

It looks like you have “little league mechanics”. You have a very violent recoil

and your glove arm looks messed.

Remember that you are probably going to throw the ball harder if you’re trying to be smooth and fluid instead of whaling the ball as hard as you can all arm.

and thanks hall of fame guy but my advice is pretty solid and i know what i’m talking about. I play for Jacksonville University and throw between 86-90 mph. How hard do you throw?

Considering you have 3 posts no one was questioning your ability to correct mechanical faults. He was just saying in general because there were a few kids that commented before you who’s analysis could be questioned.

Also throwing hard has nothing to do with knowing mechanics. Yes most people will know mechanics to throw that hard but you dont’ have to know everything about mechanics to throw at that speed.

And what you said was true but usually on this website which was really encouraged by Roger was to help correct the timing issue that you were takling about is to think less of staying close but more of to gain early momentum, because this will help you to stay closed longer fixing the problem without having to think about it making it more natural. But no one way is correct and I understand your thinking. But it’s just as important to work on momentum and if it still doesn’t help then those tips are even better.

It’s rare to see someone with bad hip/shoulder seperation and flying open when they get good momentum.

Easy tiger, when did I ever call you down? I’m guessing I’m around 4 years younger than you and I throw maybe high 70’s. But if you’re going to say I don’t know what I’m talking about just because I don’t throw very hard, I’m also tiny in size, and throw harder than lots of kids bigger than me, and pitching isn’t even my biggest part of baseball, and I play it 3 months of the year.

ill have a new video up tonight

Sounds good bud.

Oh i guess i read it wrong sorry i thought you guys were trying to tell him not to listen to my advice. My bad but honestly i still think he should try leading with his heel instead of just focusing on early momentum partly because he has very little control of his balance after finishing and i know its even hard for me to control myself when i just focus on momentum… the heel thing will help him have more explosive hips.

all of the pitches were strikes