14 Y/O Girl Hitting


2 videos here. Her first swing of the day and her last swing. Better? What else do I need to work on with her? (Sorry its not great quality for some reason. I’ll work on that.)


Bottom video looks much better - so you’re doing your job! She does a good job of not casting, but she needs to work on getting through the ball more instead of pulling off. It might help to move the T back a little (half-on/half-off the front of the plate) and have her continue on the plane she’s on all the way through the ball and finish a little higher. Right now it looks like she’s getting into contact really well, but not extending her arms through contact. So instead of Contact–>Roll over–Extend, it should be Contact–>Extend–Roll over.


Seems like she’s using too much arms. She needs to turn her hips more and get her lower half into it


oc2, Thanks!

I noticed the tee was too far back too. I made that mistake the last video I posted as well. I put it out front to try and force her to get that extension through the ball. I have seen some good videos on that that make the hitter really work to hit the ball back up the middle.

Thanks for the feedback!


The other thing I noticed is she’s got a lot of hand movement before she gets in the slot. Her hands get low. She should try to keep them still and at approximately shoulder height once she’s in the slot. From there, the back knee followed by the back hip should rotate forward while the hands are left back. She seems to trigger the swing with her hands instead and has everything firing together without separation.


Could be the camera angle but it looks to me that her back foot is not perpendicular to the line from the pitcher to the plate. In my view if she closes it up more she can create more tension in the backside to generate more power in her swing. If she were to initiate her swing with the back knee/hip I think her arms would naturally slot better and she would create much more whip.