14 y/o freshman mid 60’s pitcher


Just wanted to see what I could do better, threw a little bullpen to get ready for the season, not max speed yet, I’d say in the high to mid 50’s. Any where to improve?


Bunyan236, Everything looks fine, if anything you may have a little “arm drag”, meaning your arm may be behind your body (I’m by no means an expert) this may be where you are getting upper arm soreness you posted earlier. At 14 it is difficult to control your whole body and stay consistent, that will come once you mature. Keep working and don’t over do it, keep your arm healthy meaning don’t pitch through pain or discomfort. Don’t worry about velocity. Have fun with the game and be patient. For now you look fine.


Thanks for the kind words, by arm drag do you mean how when I was landing, my arm was still pretty far back.


Exactly, this can cause pressure on the elbow, this will also lead to your fingers (or hand) being on the side or almost under the ball. Try to get on top of the ball and think of your hand being in unison with your body. You don’t want your body out in front and then “dragging your arm through”. You can try a higher leg (left) lift which may allow your arm to catch up. Like I said, trying to get your body to be consistent and fluid at 14 is difficult. Keep working and things will come together as you mature. I would suggest going to an experienced pitching coach who’s eyes are trained to pick up on the small things. Good luck.


It doesn’t look like you have much follow through. When you are finished throwing you’re arm ends up at the right spot, but your back leg just kind of “dies.” A great drill to fix this is the towel drill.