14 Starting Fall Workout

He started as an in coming Freshman. In March Juggs had him at 83 we need to see anyone sees something to work on. The stride is at 6’ the second tape mark. he is 5’ 10 and 144lbs.

What I see…

Overall he looks pretty good. Like the way he tilts as he moves out and loads the rear hip/core. He’s a little linear in his lower half (with the “down and then out” of his stride leg) but I’ve seen MANY pitchers who make this work with no problem.

If I were to pick a nit, I would ask him to try and speed up his tempo and be as aggressive/explosive as possible as he moves down the mound. As in right before footplant, really snap those hips open (if he can get an efficient energy transfer up the chain into his throwing arm he could see more velocity just by doing this). Different cue’s help different players, but if he were to think about the unloading portion of his delivery, and doing this as quickly as possible, it may help to accomplish this. You just have to try different things to see what works.

I think his arm action is pretty good, but again, to nit pick, if he can learn to get a little “longer arm action” (in his throwing arm) he may be able to apply more force behind the ball.

In the clip below I show the yellow line being his current arm action, and the red line is the one I am talking about striving for:

Also, in the last frame or 2 prior to release, he looks to be losing some of his shoulder rotation. He needs to (again) finish strong and accelerate through the release of the baseball. That may be enough to continue the rotation.

Good luck

Thanks 101 for the inputs. We will look at them and post an update.

We have tried to get away from the leg sweep and back to keeping the pelvic squeeze and the unloading.