14-15 yr old Throwing

Over a course of a year how many days should a 14-15 yr old throw? This including long toss, side throwing, pitching off a mound, etc.

I read in a article that MLB Pitchers throw 250 days a year.

What do you guys think about a 14-15 yr old?

Yes, I’d also like to get some advice on that. Coaching baseball is new to me, and I can use all the advice I can get on that. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks!

I think it would be an incredable comittment for anyone to be literally able to throw 250 days in a year…doable but a huge comittment. Do you want to throw 250 days? I think you could reasonably do it using reasonable thought and an approach that protected your arm…I would caveat that you’d have to have a diet that fostered your metabolish and restorative capabilities. I would suggest it reasonable with a plan of action that kept you away from breaking joints and tendons down…i.e. not long tossing for days on end or throwing 100 pitch bullpens followed by max effort sessions…common sense things that allows for different types of useage of the arm, with reasonable intervals of rest. I haven’t seen a specific study that says throw x. I suspect it’s been done just haven’t seen it.
My personal advice would be to throw as long as you are comfortable and developing, rest with a plan, learn as much about arm health and maintenance as you possibly can.
I throw for enjoyment with my son, we have thrown a whole bunch over the years…I don’t think we’ve ever thrown as much as 250 days in a year (I’d remember that interspaced in there is the competitive outings you throw each year)…but he has never had an arm issue and he is successful within his art.

In my opinion, throw as much as your arm tolerates. Of course listen to your arm, but it’s very important to get there and throw. It’s a little like shooting a jump shot in basketball. Will I ever have a good jumper if I shoot baskets 5 times a year? No chance. Will you ever have a strong accurate arm if you throw 5 times a year? Dream on. Practice Practice Practice. I actually think the weakest part of the big leagues is the arms on the outfielders. Not only are the vast majority of the arms weak, but very innaccurate. Why is this? These guys throw out to 60 feet maybe 20 throws a day! They never play long toss, and mostly lob the ball to their partner. My point is, pitching is a craft, the best direct way to improve is to throw and work on commanding the ball.

i think since you are about half the age of an average major league pitcher, you should throw half as much. so instead of 250 days try 125 days.

its not about how many days its how much
he can go out and throw 20 pitches every day
long toos is like once or twice a week

i think all pitchers should throw a little everyday to stay loose and get comfortable with their mechanics

Johnny Sain and Leo Mazzone used to say “Throw every day!” It doesn’t have to be a long session, just throw fifteen minutes at a time. If the pitcher is a starter who also can relieve between starts, the relief appearance would count. Just be sure not to overdo it; an easy game of catch and then knock off for the day. I remember how my pitching coach—he was an active major-league pitcher—would get behind the plate and catch for me for about fifteen or twenty minutes (and he wasn’t half bad as a catcher), and he would have me come in there with everything I had when he wanted to check on something or when we’d be working on a new pitch. Believe me, it’s the best way to keep the arm loose.

My suggestion is to manage the short-term and long-term pitching loads while maintaining a good throwing load. Manage the short-term pitching load by limiting pitch counts and ensuring proper rest between outings. Manage the long-term pitching load - especially for youngsters - by shutting down the overhand throwing for at least a couple months a year. (This is called “periodization”. See
.) Manage the throwing load by throwing (almost) daily with light throwing the day after an outing and long toss the other days.

Well, you can throw EVERY day of the season, spring summer and fall. What you need to be careful with is how often you pitch at full velocity or close to it.