13u RHP - pitching analysis - seeking advice on drills to reshape mechanics

Current windup delivery from 13u. Feeling that the “load” is the major issue - in search of drills to reshape the mechanics, esp. lower body but anything that could help because muscle memory is so hard to “undo”. Observations and suggestions welcomed. Two clips below from different angles. Thank you!

Can’t see the video. Maybe it needs to be made public?

Just tried to make video public. Rookie here…sorry.

Your correct about the lack of load. I would suggest having him slow down a little until hand break and then move quickly. Try to get his leg lift to be towards 3rd base and have his hip lead down hill. His front shoulder is open at front foot plant but his arm is on time. Sometimes it’s easier to have a youth pitcher pick a pro they like and have them mimic their motion. Plenty of YouTube videos to help with endless drills including dry work to help get his body in proper position. Enjoy the process and keep working !

Thanks so much for the suggestions and the video clip. Since posting this last week we’ve been working through some online videos (huge rabbit hole!) and trying to find that balance. For a kid, and a sport like baseball, so much is confidence. So he has to want to tear into the delivery for it to work. I haven’t worked with him directly - just sent him some stuff and showed him a few things in the yard. We went out yesterday and threw for a bit with the same side angle. Not there yet, but huge improvement in ‘aggressiveness’ in the weight transfer in less than a week. I think we’re on the right path, but this community is so great to have as a resource!

Great progress ! Keep in mind pitching (at a high level) is a very athletic movement and many of the moves require strength and mobility that comes from work off the mound. Puberty and weight training help but just have him throw and try to throw hard. The body will find its most efficient way to generate force and power. The rabbit hole can help but also hurt when over coached. Think of it like this - the Dom Republic has a very % of MLB players, but lack coaching, lessons and all the high tech tools that have taken over the game. They just play and throw all the time
and their body figures it out … enjoy the ride !

No more wind up. Get rid of that right off the bat. That would immediately help. No more going backwards to go forward. That is why he is rushing, in my opinion. In other words. Don’t step backwards, step off to the side. The wind up and the stretch should be identical minus the faux step off to the side before leg lift. That will help right away. The second part is he isn’t strong. The arm speed is really, really slow. He has some puberty to go through, but it isn’t too early to start strength training. Good luck to him. I don’t think I would worry to much with what happens after the leg comes down at this point. Work on being smooth and powerful. Less is more when it comes to the wind up. Tell him to make sure his head doesn’t move when the leg goes off to the side in the wind up. In other words, there is no weight transfer until the lift leg is beginning to come down.