13U Pitching Mechanics/Info

Hello, I am 13 turning 14 and would like if my mechanics could be broken down into pieces of what needs to be worked on. Also, I understand that pitching mechanics takes a lot of muscle memory and was wondering if their was other ways to engrain the correct mechanics into my brain rather than doing it full speed always.


Hi. First off yes, there are many throwing drills you that can do instead of pitching full speed. Throwing drills differ from pitching drills. Throwing drills are designed to teach proper movement techniques. Throwing drills can be completed daily if wanted because you do not need to throw. Standing in front of a mirror doing mirror drills is just one example of how you can do throwing drills. Now for a quick analysis. I am going to start backwards first. The reason I am doing this is so that you can see that your end result actually starts from an earlier movement.

Here you are at ball release. At ball release, a pitcher should finish with his head and shoulder positioned out over his trunk and flexed forward. The back hip should also be elevated above the line of the front hip and front knee which is a sign of good bracing up at landing. The issue you have is that you finish with your head and shoulders behind your landing knee. Your trunk is in a more upright position. I also noticed at ball release that you have too much head and trunk lean to the glove site. This is usually caused by arm position too high at ball release or poor posture.

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Like I said, your movement at ball release is caused by something that happened earlier in your delivery. In your case it is lack of early momentum. Your body does not have enough energy to get the hips and trunk up and over the front hip. During early weight shift, a pitcher should start to shift his front hip away from the rubber prior to hand break. What I really do like is how you sit into your delivery and ride your body down the mound.

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Start with throwing drills that emphasize early momentum. If you can master early momentum, that will help clean up your movements into ball release.

Steve C

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Hi Richfosc2005,

Here is a simple drill to compliment what explosivepitching as already thoughtfully delivered.

Go to a fence and position the mound/rubber 4 inches perpendicular from the fence. Use a towel to hold in your hand. You should practice your pitching motion and make a throw using the towel, but let go of the towel.

At no time should any part of your body hit the fence…not your head, not your waist, legs , or anything EXCEPT maybe the towel.

This will teach you to progress towards home plate and not pull off to your backside, or to the first base side.

Good Luck.

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Thank you for showing me this. Now I know what I need to look like at release point rather than just hearing it. Now, about early momentum, do you think when my leg lifts my hips should rock back and then forwards as my leg comes down? Thanks

Thank you for this. I love that I can use an instant feedback drill to accomplish the correct position at release point.

Here is a video showing you how to perform the net drill. This drill will help you gain early momentum. Remember, do the drill until you nail it. Send some video of you doing it so we can make sure it is being done correctly

As for

do you think when my leg lifts my hips should rock back and then forwards as my leg comes down?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking me but at no time should you rock back on leg lift out of the stretch. The video drill above will explain that. Here is a video clip of good early momentum out of leg lift.


Steve C

Thank you. That is a great video. I’ll make sure to send some footage