13u Pitching Mechanics Help!

Hey guys, posted my brother’s videos up on here before but he has made several changes since I last posted and wanted some insight…

On this first video the coach right after these pitches talks about how he feels he is leaning too much on his way down (away from plate) and after front foot plant he leans too much towards the plate. Do you guys see this balance issues and what is a good way to correct them?

This video I put up a few months prior to taking this one. In this video the coach talks about how he is landing with his front foot too closed in terms of the relation to his back foot and thus is throwing across his body. Do you guys see that and what how would you go about fixing it, if at all?

I feel like his stride leg starts reaching and opening a little early. I feel like he can move towards home a little more before dropping it. How do you guys feel?
Also, I see his stride leg not posting back up in order to allow for that energy transfer. Do you guys feel he needs to work on that and how so?

it seems to me that his front arm (glove arm) is pulling his body open too soon, causing him to throw across his body, i have the same issue. make sure that when he pulls that front arm down, he pulls it into his chest or stomach, and not around his body. that should fix his balance issues.

EDIT: after watching the second video, that his body is starting to go ahead of his hands, before he pulls the ball out of the glove. this can cause his arm to drag behind his body causing an assortment of problems. to fix this, make sure that his hands go up to about his neck or face when his stride leg lifts up, and then when he strides out, instead of putting all his weight forward in a way that he is like falling broom, make sure his leg goes down and then strides out. when the leg goes down, so does the hands. It should look like strings are attached from his hands to his legs. this will cause him to break the ball out of his glove at his stomach region, and allow him to get a full rotation with his arm, in a circular motion.

hope this helps.

to see clips from few angles:

The first video is too far away and through a fence etc


Looks like he still generates good velocity though…