13U pitcher

First time I’ve gotten any game video.

What would you work on? I still think he needs to be a bit stronger on his glove side (and shouldn’t recoil in his decel).

Slo mo:

I very much like this kid’s motion. Very solid. Don’t mess with it too much. Do you have any video from the 3rd base side?

Thanks DM59…this is from a year ago (from the windup and 3b):

And, this at external rotation from the side:
[I chose Lincecum because we use him and other smaller framed pitchers as a model for explosiveness and efficiency, but we don’t really try to copy all of his, or anybody elses, movements]

Very similar stills there. Look at Lincecum’s front knee bracing. If you have the video to go with the still of the 13yo, advance it to release and see what the front knee is doing.

First, it should not move forward.
Second, velocity would benefit from more knee extension at release.
Third, the hips need to stay backward of the knee into trunk flexion.

If all of that is there, this is a very solid delivery for a small frame.

Thanks CP.

We’ve been working a ton on leg strength/one legged squats, etc (his knee does brace well).

I’ve noticed that some pitchers get a ton of forward trunk tilt at external rotation (see Wagner):

I assume this depends on several factors…perhaps how much lateral tilt they have? Or it could be just that the Wagner pic was slightly later.

See his leg almost locked? He’s conserving all of the energy from his push by translating it up his leg and into his torso. This position is external rotation into trunk flexion. Trunk tilt is bending toward the hip. Trunk flexion is bending at the waist.

One more 13U pitcher from our team, if anyone has any feedback:

Looks like a pretty solid delivery to me. The only thing I see is an opportunity to increase trunk flexion. His torso seems a bit stiff (real time video would help me see if this is just a mirage) and he’s losing some potential for a bit of his hip shoulder separation torque and with some snap at the waist he may be able to get out front more and finish a bit lower with the upper half.

I’d be interested to see what others can pick out.

As a side note, that mound seems very steep for 13U. It seems sharper than a 1" drop for each foot of distance. The more steep the angle the greater the stress on the arm.

Getting out in front with the second kid may be beneficial. CoachPaul is right, some realtime does wonders as well.

Thanks guys. The video below the slo mo one (above) is in real time.

Some of what he does reminds me of Verlander:

I wonder if that would be a good model for him as far as mechanics.

One other pitcher (14 year old), for comments… Interesting the way he takes the ball up so high, has very solid velocity and control.

A series of stills from our last tournament. From this, I’m pretty happy with his use of his legs, hips and his separation (unfortunately no video).