13U pitcher workout program

My son will turn 13 in 2 weeks. He is 5’10" and 168lb. I think he is over weight and need do some condition training. He also plays basketball and swiming in the off season for years. I heard 15 is better to start weighting program. Want to get some advice here. If Steven, Roger,… could help, really appreciate!

13 isn’t too young to start.

I wish I would’ve started lifting when I was 13.

  1. Some good sources for you to consider - Tuff-Cuff is a very good source of workout routines ($65.00) and you can get it on this site. I liked it because it combined baseball specific workouts (long-toss, pens, etc.) with strength and power training.
  2. A couple of guys that regularly post on this board that have their act together are Kyleb and LankyLefty. Always have something interesting to say about strength and conditioning aspects of training pitchers. There are more guys on this site that have their act together - but Lefty and Kyleb tend to monitor the discussion groups more and provide input on S&C issues more frequently.
  3. As far as web resources go - Eric Cressey site is excellent - but it will just be information - not a really comprehensive workout program. I think he sent 16 or 17 players to D1 baseball programs last year - so he knows what he is talking about. I think he would say 13 isn’t too early to start training - at least trying to increase maximal strength.

Just my thoughts

I also started lifting at 13 years old. Mostly lower body stuff - like body weight squats advancing to squats with just the bar (45 lbs), and then with weight on the bar. And like walking lunges, and then walking lunges with dumbbells, etc.

For upper body, I focused on tubing and lightweight dumbbells (2-3 pounds), as well as pushups and pullups. When I could do 10 of those for sets of 3, I added bi’s, tri’s, low rows, etc.

The thing with younger kids training is not that they can’t do it and see some benefits, but just that you must start slowly and train the movements FIRST before adding significant weight. Form over weight! Good luck to you!

Steven basically covered it. We have a 13 year old that started at age 12. He couldn’t squat the bar, so we started with basic unweighted box squats. We then moved on to PVC pipe box squats, and then bar box squats. He’s doing alright now, but it took a few months to even get to the unweighted bar!

He does push-ups, assisted chin-ups (with a band across the bottom of the power cage), wrist weight work, lots of resistance band things, and medball work.

thank you very much for all input. I am considering Tuff-Cuff program and start in off season


I got this ebook and my son has downloaded it to his ipod too. He’s 13. Aside from the exercises and the workout plans, there’s some great no nonsense information.

There’s no hype or vanity based allure involved. Focus is on being all of the following — stronger, more flexible, have more endurance, better balance, etc. The author trained special operation military types. You quickly see that the workouts are geared toward maximizing their ability to survive and not toward “sexy abs in 6 weeks.”

I highly recommend it for any age or level of fitness.