135 pitches and a mechanical q's

I pitched today sorry no vid couldn’t set it where i would get a good view so I didn’t video tape.

I pitched 7 Innings 135 pitches and Im 15 it’s 9:30 est time and my arm is fine right now. Do you think it will be fine for friday’s start? Im going to do yoga and workout tomorrow and i did alot of running today after the game.

The mechanical part i have a q’s one if you are pitching and there is a whole on the mound where you plant that is like a V but more flat but was a down and up slope and I keep hitting the up slope And can’t use the long stride the way I want to. Is the mound inhibiting the rotation of the hips because im lannding on a Up Slope a little because other kids stride Different and shortter . ANd you can’t fix it either?

how will the up slope effect my mechanics? I didn’t feel comfortable and able to stride effectivly.

When it comes to pitch count, the coach and you should know your limit. If you can throw 135 pitches and still feel ok, maybe a little tired then its all good. As for throwing friday, you should be good for it, but during the week when you throw your pen you wont throw anywhere near as hard as you normally do.

Im 18 and i pitched a CG and through 147 pitches. My coach didnt think i could throw for that long…i didnt either (what i found funny was once my fastball died a little my curveball work great). Even there hitters clapped me after the game as i left them with 2 ER.

As for your mound question, in my baseball league there is one mound which NO pitcher likes. Its as if ur stepping off a milk crate onto concrete, which wrecks your lower back. It also inhibits your stride, making it short. I only through 3 inning there, because in that i walked 8 batters because of the short stride i couldnt spot. You just have to do the best you can on thoughs types of mounds.

Yea sure, I think that a well conditioned arm can go beyond 135.

I personally think 135 pitches is a bit much for a 15yo kid. A kid that young has too much baseball ahead of him to risk injury. And I don’t know any 15yo kids whose arms are conditioned that well. Now, if you could convince me it was a one-time thing and it was in an important game that actually had some sort of meaning, then I might tolerate it.

I think it’s a bit much for conventional pitchers but, for knuckleballers like me it is not a problem unless it’s the first 3 innings. (LOL)

Ok it’s 10:00 est time and I feel fine my arm is only barley tired after yesterday’s game.

I think my arm is conditioned enough to do that more often as long as I use the bands stretch after the game and Run alot and some anti inflamitory. I feel good even going to throw today because I have a game.

So 135 pitches is alot but im conditioned for it.

what does every one think about the mound problem? how could that effect my mechanics?

So you threw 135 over 7, is this typical? Dude, it sounds like either you are trying to strike everyone out or we’re talkin 7-10 runs a game action. Now I am not a believer in per game pitch counting, I think it’s sort of a bandaid, it really doesn’t address what I believe the real problem to be, which is too many games per year with too little rest and too much of the back to back stuff the travel ball gets guys into, that said, wow! Why did you have to throw 135? No defense? Walks? I mean it looks like 20 pitches per inning (Which also implys no easy innings), even if you are k-ing everyone it is quite a few pitches, I would suggest throwing to contact in self defense of your arm. Think about your pitch sequence, what are you attempting to accomplish? What is your strategy of getting guys out? Do you look for nothing but k’s or grounders or fly outs, what?!? Alone as a kind of rare thing, I wouldn’t get too worried, but if this is normal, I’d really think hard about my approach.

As to the mound, the other guy is dealing with the same thing…What you can do is your own grounds keeping and get it as comfortable as you can, outside of that…learn how to play SS or something if you don’t like it…I really wonder at what you thought you’d hear from us on this. All umps will let you go as far as a rake to work stuff the way you like but I wouldn’t push it or they’ll think your being a pain and make you deal with what you get.

Pitch count can simply get high because of a lot of foul balls not neccesarily implieing that he had horrible innings or a high scoring game.

Pustulio, I left him much wiggle room and asked him where, what and etc. the reason is self assessment, my opinion makes little or no difference, but yes to your point, coulda been a parade of foul balls, I would think that it would be important to understand why it was that I couldn’t close out a hitter and think about it and overcome it.

Coach Baker, nice insights, not much arguement from me on them. I’d like to think that the greater and not the lessor percentage of HS coaches had the same concept and approach to arm/pitcher development. What is your impression as to the boots on the ground reality of that thought?

Foul balls yes but more then that bad Defence as all way’s my coach I talked to today said he now thinks the pitches I threw was around 110-115 but with all the othere throwing I did before game I did get up to around 135 for the day which I norm don’t do.

If its a one time thing, than its probably not going to do any harm. In the situation that it happens again, I would just take it really easy the next day, maybe ask for a 5th day of rest if you normally start every 5th day and get 4 days inbetween. And if you want to count warmups, then every pitcher throws well over 150. Say a 7 inning, 100 pitch day. Thats 7 first inning warmups, plus 30 more subsequent ones. So 137 on the field, plus atleast 25 more for bullpen warmup. You would probably be looking at around 180 full or close to fullspeed pitches on that one day. Just take it easy, and if you feel any pain or soreness even that you normally don’t tell someone immidietly.

2nd day of rest feel great haven’t throw yet. DID YOGA and played in a game yesterday with a little soreness but that went away today. And yesterday I also ran sprints.

Good then, you’ll still need another 2 or 3 days before you can pitch again

yeah and im trying to get a kid play catch with me today.