13 yr old speed

im 13 and was wondering what would be an average speed of my fastball???

Are you going into 8th grade this fall? Usually anywhere from 60-70 is considered about average, with 70 being on the high side. But velocity doesn’t really matter all that much. Can you throw strikes?

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im going into my first year of our schools modified team. im pretty sure that im going to be a pitcher because most people on the team arent to good at pitching and i pitched every other game in little leage. i was just going to start the year only throwing my fastball just to be safe. if my fastball was too slow then i would start throwing some breaking pitches…thanks for the help!

You can always use a couple of breaking pitches.
And you really have no idea how fast or how slow your fast ball is until you time it. I don’t trust those radar guns which are notoriously inaccurate; I would suggest that you get a catcher and someone with a good stopwatch and throw to the catcher while the other person times you with that stopwatch, and you’ll then have a fairly good idea of just how fast you are.
The important thing to remember is that you have to throw everything with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as you do the fast ball. I remember when I played, years ago, we were facing a team with a pitcher who had a beautiful slow curve—and was telegraphing it, because not only did he wiggle his elbow in a peculiar way when he was going to throw it but also he slowed down his arm speed—a no-no in any pitcher’s book. You can be sure we went after him and knocked him out of the game in the third inning!
In any event, good luck on the mound. :slight_smile: 8)