13 yr old mechanics

Here are some videos of one my students mechanics, and input is greatly appreciated. thank you

Sorry, can’t comment on the vids, but had a question. How did you slow it down like that. I just put some vids up of my son and would like to do that. Thanks and good luck.

MY wife took these videos on her phone, it has a feature where you you can film HD video in slow motion. If you are filming with a camcorder you would probally have to find a program to turn it into slow motion.

This may have no affect on his throwing but it looks like he picks up his back foot before he releases the ball

Couple of things I would work on if he was my player. First the windup by stepping back just takes his momentum the wrong way. A higher leg kick and a faster delivery towards the plate will increase velocity. So will a longer stride. Push off that back leg and finish. He’s mostly upright at finish. Stride should work towards 100% of his height.

I don’t agree that a higher leg lift will increase velocity, my slide step and my windup fastballs are the same speed. Arm speed and the ability to turn the trunk faster increase velocity. I do think that coming to a more balanced position on the post would be a good thing and that a stride moving to about 100% is good and could definately be a goal right away.

2 things: higher leg kick
2nd: longer stride

I have been working with him on his stride and up to this point his arm speed has beeen good enough to get hitters out, he has a really good change up and curve for his age. But needs to throw harder to keep them effective he throws about 8-10 mph slower than the fastest kids we face, but has great location of pitches. thanks for your input and will post some more videos once he gets the stride and follow through down.

I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about speed, as he develops more stride and physical ability that will come, just being a lefty is huge with good accuracy and the speed he has.