13 yr old-looking for feedback-updated 6/21

We just got done with our league season. Ready for some off season work. We have really appreciated your help in the past. His velocity has gone from 53-55 last year at this time to 65-67 currently. After watching this video I see his front landing foot is open too much. Also, I believe you call it pronating ? Is this something to worry about ? Even playing catch, his ball spins more 2/8 than 12/6. His ball gets quite a bit of sink on it.



The biggest things I see are his lack of balance throughout his motion and his lack of drive toward home. In my opinion he needs lead more with his front hip and lengthen his stride.

In the video it appears that he’s just falling forward rather than driving with his hip toward home. Check out the Hersheiser Drill on You Tube.

I don’t really see too much pronation on your video.

I agree with Turn on the lack of momentum. But, before worrying about that, I’d put some focus on a couple other issues.

First, your son starts on the throwing arm side of the rubber and then he strides further to the throwing arm side. When it’s time for the shoulders to square up to the target and to get things going toward the target, he leans back toward the glove side. This results in an unwanted posture shift which can lead to multiple issues including early shoulder rotation. It’s also what causes his front foot to open up into foot plant - it’s basically the front leg positioning itself to support his weight in the direction it’s going to move once he leans back to the left. The first “fix” to try is simple - move him to the glove side of the rubber. Imagine a line drawn from the center of th rubber to the center of home plate. By moving to the glove side, he’ll be striding onto that centerline instead of away from it. This will make it easier to square up without the posture shift.

The second issue is to get him to extend his glove arm out front further to mirror what the throwing arm does. This will make the front arm take a little more time to do its thing which will, in turn, help keep his shoulders closed longer.

Thanks guys, great info. I was aware of the stride length. Had no clue on what Roger stated. He used to throw from the left side of the rubber, til this year. Could possibly have something to do with it. Gave us some things to work on. Appreciate it.

I have updated a new video. He’s moved to the glove side of the rubber. Still a slight over rotation at front foot landing. But he’s working on this. His stride is now just under or at his height. Working on consistently hitting a 100% of his height. Also, it appears he’s leading better with his hip. And lastly let me know what you think of his glove side as far as being equal. Since doing these adjustments, he appears more fluent and says he feels smoother. I’ve noticed out of say 50 pitches he threw in his bullpen atleast 80% were strikes and everything else was around the plate. Lastly he threw 2 mph faster than he’s ever thrown…70 mph here he comes. A big thank you and any additional feedback is greatly appreciated.


It looks like he is pushing off more than in the first video. :smiley: