13 yr LHP-video-Mechanics-pros/cons

5’11 LHP
7th grade

After 2 innings my shoulder gets sore and my velocity drops. I feel like I’m late and all arm?
Any constructive advice/tips would be helpful.

It says the video is private so we can’t see it. I believe you need to mark it public.

I just changed the youtube video so you should be able to see it now

you need to be way more explosive with your lower half, i suggest strength training and drills to improve… just moving way to slow to try and throw fast

I think part of the lack of explosiveness is due to him going from the post and, even though his hips are moving toward home, his foot makes a circle out and at 1st base, this i feel has the momentum moving and the torque already somewhat released at the foot strike. I would also suggest to have him start with his feet a little closer together since there is quite a bit of body action to come up to the post, I would like to see him coming straight up, nearly every time he comes to the post in the video he is in a little different position, I feel it’s very important to repeat mechanics the same way every time. BTW it would also be nice to see a little windup and some throws off a mound…can really change things up.

I really do however like his arm action, body control and the way he gets really flat when he finishes. He is turning out to be a really nice pitcher. :smiley: