13 yo lefty help with mechincics open to criticism

srry. I had to use my 1st basemen’s mit. left my regular glove in the car.

It looks like you have the general idea, however in your video you are not throwing the ball. There is usually a pretty big difference in mechanics when you actually propel something forward. Get yourself someone to catch for you or just throw into a net and get some video doing that. Don’t try to be too perfect starting out either. Just rare back and throw the ball and lets see what you got.

Just imagine its the bottom of the 9th 2 out and you have 2 strikes, Imagine you’re going to blow it by his. Forget about having perfect mechanics and just chuck as hard as you can, then from there you can begin to address minor issues.
It looks like your trying too hard to keep good mechanics, be less deliberate.
Other than that i think you can do a better job of bracing your front leg and using your arm as a “slingshot”(loose) to a catapult(Stiff).

Honestly, the videos you posted are useless.
First, you are not pitching, you’re simply going through the motions of a wind up.
Second, you need to throw the ball with your true mechanics in the videos for an accurate assessment
Third, it would help if you were throwing from a mound, not absolutely necessary, but we don’t pitch from flat ground and it helps to analyze.

I have to ask, Is that a tennis ball you’re holding in the videos, cause it looks yellow? :?

What you need to do is get a good catcher, have him set up behind the plate, get up there on the mound—with a real baseball—and also have a professional pitcher stand by and watch you while you wind up and really throw the ball. Only by doing this can anyone get an idea of how you’re doing, what problems may need to be addressed. Turn22 is right—you’re not doing anything just pantomiming throwing the ball with what amounts to empty air in your throwing hand.