13 YO Girl Hitting

I think her hands are long and slow. Her first movement with her hands is back/down instead of rotating toward the ball and being short. Is this what you see? Backside fire? Finish? Thoughts?

One of the reasons that when tees are being used, they must be used properly. The tee is too far forward or she is too far back. She should be making contact before her bottom arm is extending.
If you put the ball back about 1 ball diameter in her stance or move her up by that amount, it will force her to get her back hip around faster to get the barrel on the ball and will accentuate and capture more of the power generated by her hip/hand separation. Her swing is very good, her ideal contact point for that swing would be a bit back.
She’s sweeping them off the tee instead of driving them off the tee.

Looks long to me. Her top arm is extending very early, which means she’s casting. The tee does need to be set back to where she makes contact with the ball at her front heel. I think that would really show how she is coming around the ball instead of through it. Nice finish though.

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Thanks guys. I will move the tee next week and take another video. I swear shes long like oc2viking is saying, but maybe fixing the tee and letting the ball travel a bit further during BP would help.

She really rolls over and gets out and around everything.

I feel like her swing is front side driven. Really looks like little contribution from the backside. Squishes the bug without making any ground towards the pitch.