13 year old


Hi all,
Looking for comments on the pitching clips of my son. Live in NJ so forced “underground” to my basement where the space is quite limited. I hope to get outside this weekend to shoot better clips.

I welcome any and all comments.




his back arches out (toward 1st base) a little. if he can keep that head and shoulders a little more toward 3rd base (staying in the tunnel), he may say healthy and throw better.

also you might have his head go back with his shoulders toward 2nd base as he tilts to get his hips out in front of his shoulders and head.

really good arm speed. looks like he has some potential.

you can build arm strength and work on mechanics right where you are. it is a great place to work. throw 75 to 100 pitches at 70% effort and add 25 pitches each week working to 150 every other day. he should be effective when season rolls around.


I instructed my son to lean back toward second as you suggested. While he was still warming up he said “it doesn’t make me throw harder” - I had just turned on the radar box.

Once he got loose he hit a new high!

Filimed some new clips in my underground laboratory:


that does look better. i would throw him with a glove on. now place his post foot (right foot) with the front edge of the rubber running down the middle of his foot. the ball of the foot should be in front of the edge of the rubber. this will allow him to get at about a 45’ angle on the rubber. if the front side of the rubber and the ground in front of the rubber are 2 sides of a right triangle, the sole of the foot including the ball of the foot wpuld be the hypotenuse side of the right triangle. this will allow him to gain maximum leverage and push with that foot. try it and see if he gains velocity.

a great explaination of this throwing technique is found in the book sandy koufax: a lefty’s legacy - chapter 1.


He’s leaning toward second now and straddling the rubber with his posting foot, how does that look?

Will add in the glove today.

Looks like he needs to add some bend in the posting leg and get some drive.

He also seems to have stopped counter-rotating his hips toward second.

I included one of the drills we do during warmups which is intended to teach him to lead with the hip.


I like his explosiveness with the upper body. Very nice. I like how he’s leading with his front hip. The problem is how his front leg/foot comes out and simply drops straight down into landing. You mentioned that he needs to get more bend in the back knee and get some drive. I’d be careful with that one. It’s possible to over exaggerate it. If he were to let the front leg come down a bit earlier and simply think of driving that front hip longer he may find his own way, mechanically. I’d resist the urge to micro-manage the back leg thing right now. Just let him experiment with getting more momentum toward the plate, for a longer period of time, sideways.


Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it.


Sounds like good advice, want to be sure I understand it. If you develop momentum toward the plate for a longer period of time wouldn’t the front leg also plant a little later rather than earlier?

I think you’re also saying to get more out of his hip rotation.




i like it. i would stay with what you hav now (include the glove) and alternate max velocity days with 70% smooth out mechanics/work on hitting spots. he looks really good for 13. he finds the plate with that velocity and throws enough to build arm strength he should have a good year.

nice job dad.


[quote=“oldman”]Sounds like good advice, want to be sure I understand it. If you develop momentum toward the plate for a longer period of time wouldn’t the front leg also plant a little later rather than earlier?[/quote]Yes but as a “result” of the momentum generation, which is the real point. I didn’t mean that he should actually plant earlier when I said to bring it down earlier. I was really meaning that it should start dropping earlier as opposed to what he’s doing now, which is to push the foot out from peak knee lift and then drop it straight down directly into plant.

[quote=“oldman”]I think you’re also saying to get more out of his hip rotation.[/quote]Well, I wasn’t really going there directly but yes, generating more momentum, sideways, longer has the potential to get more out of it. My suggestion is to simplify his thoughts and let him experiment to see what feels right to him without filling him up with too much to think about. Sideways momentum, longer. He may just figure out the “how” of it by himself, which would be great for him in becoming an integral part of the learning process. Just make sure that whatever you do, you don’t hinder his ability to have that explosive upper body rotation that he has now.


Thanks very much for the advice. Time to get back to work!

I meant to post this earlier, this is a drill I have him do during warmups - I also have him doing band work (reverse catapults/rowing/int-ext rotation).

The idea behind this drill is to learn to lead with the hip. In this clip I see him letting his left knee move forward, not ideal.

2 other drills he does during warmups are arm action drills. In 1 he starts on his knees and just do arm action drill. In the second drill he does same arm action drill adding in a little rocking of the body.

Really appreciate the help!




how hard is this kid throwing? for 13 it looks good


How is the accuracy? He seems to have a fair amount of unwanted movement. Not sure he yet has the core strength for all that he’s trying to do. But if th eaccuracy is there, then there’s no issue.


Thanks for the response…

His velocity tops out at 64. His physical characteristics haven’t begun changing yet. We do hit the weight room twice a week and do this agility/plyo/med ball routine twice a week. The med ball work contains some core exercises like wall touches - side to side/wood choppers witha twist at the top and a movement where you touch the wall above your head with a twist and then bend at the waist and touch the wall next to your left knee (for a RH). We also do soccer throws and throws from the side with the med ball.

I am always willing to listen, advise away.

His accuracy needs work. I see son of T-Mac’s mechanics and seems like something to emulate.

I welcome any and all suggestions.





Off topic question…did you buy that mound or make it yourself?

Would love to get one myself…or make one.


I bought this from a travel team who no longer wanted it.

There are instructions on the web for making one out of wood. I would do that. Cheapest way to go.

Good luck,




Sounds like you are on the right track with the strength work - especially the core work.

Your son has a fairly high knee lift coupled with some counter-rotation, and a tilt of the trunk back towards 2B. Each of these things are ok with proper strength to be able to stabilize posture through the delivery. If accuracy continues to be an issue, you might consider minimizing one or more of these things.


I am always open to new ideas/suggestions. My son’s improvement comes before my ego. Which isn’t to say I don’t have one :smiley:

I have some clips from last night, shot in a friend’s basement. He has a full length batting/pitching tunnel.

Thanks again!