13 year old taking time off

A 13 year old player has not throwing a ball since late August. It has been over 50 days. Would you recommend this player to starting throwing again?

While every ballplayer is different and you should take into account how long the ballplayer’s season was (Feb-Aug for most), 8-10 weeks off from throwing is a good range for a 13-year old. The Fall is the time to really focus on an off-season strength & conditioning program. This program should focus on building strength in the legs, torso, back, and scapular stabilizers. Get plenty of soft tissue work (foam rolling) and don’t ignore flexibility and mobility work. The return on investment here will be huge when the player does pick the ball back up to start an off-season throwing program, usually right around now (late-October to early November).

We are nearing that 8-10 week range, but because this particular player played until the end of August, maybe wait until November to pick the ball back up.

Another thing to be considered is that this 13-year-old is heading into puberty full speed ahead, and besides all the physical and hormonal—not to mention emotional—changes going on he’s likely to hit at least one growth spurt, which adds to the uncertainty and confusion. Evidently he’s listening to what his body is telling him, and what it’s telling him is “lay off for a while”—November is about the right time to start a serious conditioning and strengthening program. He won’t lose any ground—and he’s sure to gain a good deal. He can begin doing some light throwing—easy games of catch—a week or so prior to beginning the conditioning program. So lay off, let him be. He knows what he’s doing. 8) :baseballpitcher: