13 Year Old Pitching Mechanics

Hi Everyone - If you could please comment on my sons pitching mechanics and areas for improvment. Thanks.


you have good natural arm/upper body qualities…

Becoming a pitcher vs thrower is all about the lower body. Commit yourself to understanding the relationship to the lower body & successful pitching & you have a bright future.

Your upper body takes over almost immediately. You’ll get some good tips from other members, but overall immerse yourself into understanding the pitching mechanics from the ground up.

Look into these terms/topics & keep reading & implementing them into your workouts.

-kinetic chain
-weight transfer
-hip & shoulder rotation
-stride length
-leg lift-loading

Start here & you are on your way to something potentially special.

He is landing with his foot totally closed.

Plaz is right, this young man lands totally closed on his stride foot and then he rotates it open after his weight is fully on it.

I wouldn’t want that much stress at the ankle, and I also think staying that much closed with the stride foot has got to have a downstream effect on his hips: Preventing them from opening correctly. Since the hips don’t open correctly, but the young man does have to throw the ball, his upper torso opens up out of sequence to do that…which is essentially what JTWilson noted about using all upper body to throw the ball.

In both vids, the pitchers are super stiff and upright, as some of the members have mentioned.

Both also hae issues with their landing. While landing closed is generally what we want to see. These guys’ toes are literally pointing the 3B dugout. It’s too closed, in my opinion.

And they aren’t striding out far enough and bracing up over the front leg when the release the baseball. That’s why it looks like the pitcher in the top video is walking toward home plate when releasing the ball. Instead, he should really stride out sideways more aggressively and then brace up against that front leg as he wings the ball. His limp front leg really will affect his power generation.

The angle in the bottom vid is tougher to really offer suggestions regarding his stride, but I’d like to see him throwing with a little more intent – i.e., game intensity!!