13 Year Old Pitching Mechanic Advice



Got a side view?


Ill get one this week




You have a slight weight shift towards 2B at the start of your delivery. That can contribute to inconsistency and it gives baserunners a jump start if they know to watch for that. Try to make sure everything moves only towards home plate.

Also, I think you need to get your center of mass moving forward sooner and faster (be more aggressive) and lead with the front hip more. Use the Hershiser drill to practice making this change.

You might find it helpful to start is a more athletic position (i.e. put some more bend in the knees and waist).


ok here he is at 14U

6’2 175 lbs
Fast ball 79-83mph
Change up 68

any thoughts or suggestions

From a novice looking at him:
I don’t like the leg kick going behind rubber and cant get the right leg to kick over on finish.


Can’t watch due to private. Think you have to change to public for others to view.


ok all set sorry


I believe he is opening a little early and I think that is because instead of his leg/hips gliding down the mound, planting and opening; he is swinging his leg/hips open from his leg lift to foot plant. I think that swinging motion is too much for his upper body to control so it swings open at the same time. You need a seriously strong core to be able to pull that motion off correctly. Maybe have him go to a more “up-down-out” motion instead of “up-down/around” motion. He seems to be pretty front-hip dominant as well (maybe due to the swinging leg). You can see from the rear view how his front-hip really pulls everything around the front leg. You might suggest to try opening his hips from the back-side instead and see if that feels any stronger.


I think he is too slow into foot plant. From set position to top of knee lift your hips should (ideally) have shifted forwards but this pitcher’s hips haven’t. In fact, they have moved slightly backwards. Moving too slow injects too much time into the delivery - time for things to go wrong (like opening up early).

Use the Hershiser drill to practice changing the timing of when and how fast the hips move forward.


OC, what does this mean? How do you do it?


instead of pulling hips open from the front - push the hips open from the back. I feel like it gets the back leg more involved in driving power up the torso.