13 year old pitching feedback please

This is me pitching today

By the way my goal is to hit 80 by next summer

This is me pitching on a pretty crappy dirt mound.

Very nice.

Looks good overall. Do you show your back to the hitters during your leg lift from the stretch like you do from the wind-up? If not, I’m wondering if you notice a velocity drop from the stretch. Your answers will determine my advice. If there is no velocity loss from your stretch delivery and it includes turning your back to the hitter during the lift, I may be able to get you a mph or two from the wind-up and maybe another 1-2 visually to the hitter.

CoachPaul, I do show my back to the hitter from the stretch, but I think I do it less. I do notice a little bit of a drop in velocity from the stretch. Maybe a mile an hour or so. Thanks for the feedback! Any advice is welcome.