13 year old pitchers log

I just turned 13 and i want to further myself as a pitcher. I am planning for the future and i want to end up at a proved divison 1 college as a pitcher. When the winter starts i will be ordering the tuffcuff booklet of workouts and offseason exercises . I am looking to builf up my arm strength for next season.

Meanwhile, I am on my summerleague team and i will be pitching there. I am going to be posting my appearences and how i did.

If anyone has any advice on what i can do to help my pitching be sure to leave it. Thanks


Keep on playing and pitching. Get yourself a good pitching instructor to help ensure you’ve got good mechanics and to help you develop your pitches. Learn about the ideas of guys like House, Mills and Nyman. And keep hanging out on this site (or others) and read and learn as much as you can.

You can also post video of yourself pitching on this site and you’ll no doubt get some feedback.

thanks for the feedback i will stick around and will be posting a video soon

anyone else

i pitcher for the first time in travel. i came in with the score being us down 8-1 with 1 out in the top of the fifth. I struck out the first kid on a change and then the next kid struck out on another change. the next inning our offense got seven runs to tie it up! in the top of the sixth i struck the first kid out and the next two grounded to second. in the bottom of the fifth our first kid walked and our next hitter hit a walkoff triple to win so i ended up getting the win

Pitching line
1.1 IP 1 hit O runs 3 Ks o BBs

i got the start last night against one of the best teams in the state. I think i pitched pretty good. the first inning they scored a run unearned and then i retired the next 8 batters. in the bottom of the third with nobody on they hit back to back hrs. i was pissed but i went four innings 4 hits 3 ks 3 r 2 er and 0 bb. i got the loss seeing we lost 7-0. also i used some new mechanics that tim lincieum uses and im estimating im throwing 2-5 mph faster!

i no im just 13 but its never to early to make up your own workout and ill be doing the same workout until next season. Here it goes:

Warm up: 2 minute bike ride

  1. 35 jumping jacks
  2. 30 just arm pushups ( have legs on chair and do pushups like normal)
  3. 10 pushups
  4. 20 situps
  5. 10 dips (courteousy of kbpitcher)
  6. 40 hops
  7. 5 min. on bike
  8. 1 mile run around neighborhood

I hope this workout will bring me results
I would appreciate any tips, advice, or anything else

NICE MAN!!! keep working on that change-up i see you struck out some kids on…it is a very nasty pitch when trusted and you can make kids look stupid that way…i’m trying to develop one that i can trust

thanks for the response i havent got alot in this log

:wink: no problem man haha gotta repay for your comment. keep reading and posting on mine as you will and i’ll defintely keep a tab on yours. good luck

I like your workout. Using bodyweight is a good way to develop strength when you are younger. Look up hindu squats and burpees on google, they are great bodyweight exercises to add to a program. If you have a pullup bar that would also be really good to balance yourself out (pushups and dips work the chest, so you want to work your back muscles as well).

thank u kc ill look those up

ok new workout looks like this:

Warm up: 5 min. of playing basketball

  1. 35 jumping jacks
  2. 30 just arm push ups ( see previous post)
  3. 10 pushups
  4. 20 situps
  5. 10 dips
  6. 40 hops
  7. 10 burpees
  8. 10 hindu squats
  9. 5 sprints of 7 seconds each
  10. 5 minute bike ride

i just did the new workout and i feel the best physically i ever have.

thanks to the advice from kc and lbarber i feel great and i am planning to do this workout twice a day with one or maybe two offdays in which the offdays will include sprinting and tubing


i just got tubes and i did them for the first time yesterday and today and i can already feel my arms getting stronger each time i do it. if anyone else has any other tubing exercises i can do that would be great

i threw a 91 pitch bullpen today before i have a tournement in cooperstown this friday.

My four seam fastball wasn’t its hardest but i was hitting my corners and spotting it. im guestimating it was around 55-58 mph.

My two seam had some movement and I was very accurate.

My offspeed pitches were the best they have been ever. My curveball was 12-6 with late biting movement. My change up had a little sinking action and there was a significant difference between the velocity of my fastballs and it.

Anyway, I will be pitching in Cooperstown as a started and I hope i do well. Any comments would be great.

this is prbly gonna be the longest post ever but what the heck
this is just some stuff ive been writing about my baseball

I had hitting practice yesterday with my team with this guy who runs clinics and he really helped me with my stance and I’m popping the ball up any more. Today, I went to the park(little league field) which I had not hit one out and in four at bats I hit three homeruns. Hopefully, I can carry this into when I go to Cooperstown.

As for pitching, I went to the park with my dad two days ago and I threw a bullpen. Although it was not at full speed, I was hitting my sports with my fastballs, change, and my curve which after not working for awhile has started to work again. I kept changing grips for my changeup, and I think I found the right one. I use three fingers across the seams, like a four seam fastball and I hold back a little bit in my hand and it has slight sinking action and is a considerable difference in velocity than my fastballs.

I took some groundballs with my Dad two days ago and some today with my friend. I have drop my fear of hard line drives at me. I have to learn to get in front of them like I used to. In Cooperstown I will be playing shortstop so I am going to have to make every play that comes my way.

I had practice yesterday and I have it today. At practice we did a bunch of hitting stations and various soft toss drills. I feel as if my hitting is really started to come around and I hope it will stick around for my tournament in Cooperstown. Also, at practice we did live innings and I played my normal shortstop position. I did pretty good except for one error I made.

Over the past few days I have been playing catch with my brother who is trying to walk on at Hartford, a division 1 school. My pitches have been good and I have been hitting my spots with my fastball. I will update after my practice and that will probably be my last update until after Cooperstown.

Just got back from practice and today we played 6 innings of an intra-squad scrimmage. I pitched two innings and went 1-3 at the plate. As for pitching I went two innings, no hits, 1 run, no earned runs, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts. The one run that scored was on a walk that I thought was a strike and then a scored on a passed ball. My fastball was very good and my changeup was almost un-hittable.

I’m back today and my season began yesterday with our first game. I pitched the last inning and we ended up winning the game. However, I started the game by hitting second and playing centerfield. I went 2-4 at the plate with two singles, an rbi, and a walk. As I said I pitched the last inning. I pitched one inning letting up two hits, one run, no earned runs, two walks, and one strikeout, and I got the save in a win. It was a decent outing for my first of the year but my control was bad which is weird but it was probably because of nervousness. I will be regularly pitching for that team, usually out of relief but I will be getting a few starts. As a thirteen year old I am one of the younger kids on the team but I am as good as most of the people of the people on the team. My arm was hurting a little bit after but I iced it and it should feel good tomorrow. Update tomorrow. Thanks. Please leave comments.

Haven’t posted in a while but my town team is in the championship tomorrow and my travel team has begun its season. For travel I’ve pitched twice. I potched in the district playoff semifinals and i pitched five innings 2 runs 2 earned 2 walks 1 K and overall was a very good outing from me. When i left we were up 8-2 and we ended up losing 14-12. My second appearance was yesterday. I went one inning 0 runs 0 earned 0 BB and 0 K. It was a quick and easy performance and we won 12-1. As i said my otnwn team is in the championship and the team we play has to beat us twice so it looks pretty good. I will now update regularly.